What’s in my bag 

I had a real long talk with myself about the state this bag was in! If this blog isn’t well reached, well, at least I got to clear it out.

Since I’ve started traveling my handbag collection, size and content has deceased significantly. I’ve been nicknamed the “Bag Queen” by my mother and that’s not surprising because growing up I was compelled to buy every bag I see – I am not exaggerating. My allowance went solely to bags and occasionally shoes.

But that’s all changed now. It was a very sad occasion packing for my relocation because I had to choose one and give the rest away. I’m sure my fellow bag lovers would understand the emotional breakdown I experienced.

Anyway, things have changed drastically since then. I am not that girl anymore. On a recent trip to South Africa I raided my sisters cupboard and found the perfect everyday sling bag that I had to have. I’ve been secretly lusting after this bag. So, when I saw it in her “give away” pile, I snatched it!

My bag content is very simple.

– My driving license

– A red purse (it has to be red)

– Comestic bag

– Tote

– Sunnies

A little peak into my Comestic bag

I feel like I need to be prepared for anything. On most days however for those quick errands, I literally just grab my purse, licence and keys – that’s it. For times when I’m spending a little more time away from home I take my bag along for the ride.

Another interesting fact I’d like to add is that my handbag has become a place of storage for my husbands things now too! So, when we go out I don’t really have a choice.

I am always looking for ways to lighter my load. If you have any tips to share please do.

Even though I still love bags, I just enjoy it from a distance.

Thank you reading,


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