Hello readers

I am Fazeelah and a very warm welcome to my blog. This is my personal sanctuary where I find peaceful tranquility and do a bit of introspection. Blogging was not something on my mind. I saw myself more as a YouTuber to be honest but after tasting my first bit of travel I felt that I needed to share my experience with everyone back home. Blogging made it easy to tell everyone the same story and not leave any details out. So, DhillonDeeds was born. It has transformed so much since I started this journey. But this will always remain a platform for personal expression of intercultural relationships, life abroad, growth, change and everything in between. I believe that there is something valuable to learn in every situation even if the lesson is not for me, it could be for you. That’s why I share my life and experiences, too inform, invite and inspire. I am South African but I reside in the United Arab Emirates, in a comfy bachelor pad with my wonderful British husband, who I married in June 2014. I have a BA Degree in Psychology and a TESOL qualification. I have taken a break from work as I concentrate on being a very supportive pilot’s wife, travelling and furthering my studies in psychology and teaching. I enjoy simple things that include sewing, hiking, martial arts, reading and studying. I pride myself in seeking knowledge, improving the well-being of others and being the best version of myself. This blog is my journey and I am happy to share it with you. Thank you for dropping by, please do come again!


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