10 Tips To Make Travelling Abroad A Reality – Dhillondeeds

1. Create A Vision Board

Vision boards have worked for me in achieving the things I want from life for a good few years. I personally believe that goal setting and visualisation is very important in manifesting the things you want in your life. I am truly a testament that this concept really works! Read more here.

How Does It Work:

  • A vision board creates a visual representation of what you want.
  • Seeing it every day will serve as a reminder to focus on these things.
  • The more you see it – even if it is subconsciously – you will attract it and move towards it.

2. Apply For Your Passport

Might sounds obvious enough but many people back home don’t have a passport. You can’t cross your boarder without one. So, get this first! I know these can be costly so start here. Make this your first priority. Once you have it in your hands your travelling dreams are going to start feeling like a reality. A passport usually expires after 10 years and that’s plenty of time to get your pretty little self on a plane and on your way!

3. Find Out How Much Your Dream Trip Will Cost

This will essentially give you a rough idea on how much you need to save and have on hand when you’re ready to book your trip. There are so many travel agencies online that can put a really good deal together for you or if you have the time and patience, you can browse around and book it all yourself. I would recommend using a travel agency if it is your first time. Also, take your time and don’t rush the process.

4. Choose Destinations That Have A Visa-Free Travel Option

This is a great way to save some extra cash and the headache of getting paper work together to apply for visas. Also look at countries where your currency is strong. This is especially great because you can stretch your money further which means you could go for a longer time and enjoy more. Google is your best bet for a list of countries your passport allows visa-free travel too.

Check these blog posts for Visa Free Travel for Pakistani Passport Holders and Philippines Passport Holders. Another detailed posts for GCC residents for want to travel to Armenia. 

5. Write Up A Spending Plan

This is essentially a budget. Assuming you already have a job or some sort of income, it’s really important to keep track of your money because it will help you keep track of your spending and ensure that you spend money on the things that you really need. If you’re in any debt at all this can also help you slowly work your way towards getting out of debt and staying out of debt so that you can enjoy the privilege of travel. Set up that budget plan and refocus your financial goals!

6. Change Your Mind Set

Affording anything is all about changing your attitude and mind set. Some of us have to work a lot harder than others to be able to afford the “luxury” of anything including travel but trust me it’s possible. Stop saying “I CAN’T” and start saying “I WILL”.

7. Sacrifice As Much As You Can

One of my favourite Youtubers, Shameless Maya, speaks a lot about sacrifice and how it contributed to her success and I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes we need to sacrifice the small joys of life to enjoy the big ones. Sacrifice as much as you can, not only money but anything that allows you to loose focus on the end goal – happiness, contentment – whatever it may be to you. It could be a toxic friendship, a dead end job or a stupid habit that you need to break. Start investing in you. Even if it’s a slow process. The long term result will mean so much more.

8. Make Some Extra Cash

There are so many ways to make extra cash to add to your travel fund. Just get creative. People laughed at me and thought I was silly but as long as it legal, do it! Don’t let anyone talk you out of it.

Here are a few things I’ve done to make some extra cash for travelling:

  • Sell things you don’t need
  • Boot sale
  • Organise a little fundraiser
  • Sell cookies, cupcakes or hotdogs
  • Clean houses or cars
  • Do a bit of gardening
  • Offer tuition to students
  • Make jewellery
  • Ask people directly for some cash

9. Don’t Wait For Anyone

The worst thing you can do is wait on people to accomplish your gaols – you will be waiting forever. The time in NOW. Don’t even wait for yourself. Step out of your comfort zone and do it. There’s no question that travelling improves your life and changes the way you live and think. I am the biggest advocate for travelling and I encourage everyone to travel.

10. Be Patient And Don’t Loose Focus

Last but certainly not least – keep your eye on the prize. There are so many benefits of travelling. I really want everyone to experience the sweet taste of travelling abroad. I know that it will seem like it’s taking forever and like it’s never going to happen but it will – just believe and be patient. Good things come to those who wait.


Essentially it all boils down to having a DREAM, MONEY and a PASSPORT! But everything else I’ve mentioned is what I did and still do personally. If you have any other ideas for making travelling a reality please let us know in the comment section below. We love hearing from you.

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6 thoughts on “10 Tips To Make Travelling Abroad A Reality – Dhillondeeds

  1. Sara I Saqib says:

    The best travel experiences come from getting into the nitty gritty of a country or city which doesn’t usually require much spending if you can hack it! A lot of countries also welcome foreigners to come live with their families which make for an even more memorable experience! Thanks for your post!

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