Halloween Fun At Eltham Palace – Dhillondeeds

I love taking a step into the past and learning how people lived years ago. Usually it’s very dull and boring or gruesome and gruelling but Eltham Palace and it’s award winning gardens were so different. It was classy, glamorous and had we wishing I’d known the Courtluads. It’s a lot to digest in just one visit so I definitely need to visit again.

Eltham Palace was saved from decline and transformed into a stylish Art Deco home by eccentric millionaires Stephen and Virginia Courtauld. I imagined them as very extravagant people (kinda like my mother) who loved hosting and entertaining their family and friends. I mean check out Virginia’s luxurious golden mosaic private bathroom!

The free interactive guide was brilliant. It guided us through the home in such a fun and informative way. The little one found it to be a wonderful experienced and enjoyed telling us what was next or who each room belonged too. I highly recommend you get the guide!

Our first pumpkin craving experience this year was at the stunning Eltham Palace, a fun interactive activity for children and parents as part of their Spooky Halloween festivities this week. The went on a wicked witch themed quest which took us around the outside of the palace. It was really cold so we didn’t complete it but the little one had a good time.

We had lunch at the quaint little cafe which we thought was reasonably priced and offers so healthy but yummy treats. The kiddy meal deal was about £5 in total and had a cheese sandwich, juice, raisins, crisps, a big cookie and some colouring in bits and activities. I had a prawn and mayo baguette and a chai latte. Mmmmm….

After all that, we stopped by the ZooLab Creepy Critter Show where we met some amazing animals including a snake, tarantula, frog, giant snail and a lizard. My little one had a great deal of fun learning all about these creepy crawlers and what a brave little spider witch she was for interacting with the snail and the snake!

We didn’t get a chance to explore the play area or the shop during this visit but definitely will when we go again!

If you’re around the area you definitely have to take yourself on this tour or bring your little one to explore and enjoy the Halloween festivities at Eltham Palace this week!

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