Explore And Learn With The Mini Adventures App In Doha & South Africa – Dhillondeeds 

I really enjoy being a stay at home mum but sometimes the most difficult thing for me is keeping my little girl engaged and entertained with meaningful activities.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t need a break from my little girl- just from the monotony of our everyday life sometimes. She needs excitement as much as I do so when Cassandra from Mini Adventures got in touch with me I knew this is exactly what I needed.

Sometimes you don’t want to be tied down to a term. These can be costly especially in Doha and with the app you can pick and choose the days and times that suit you and your little one best.

We’ve been on a quite a few adventures now and I actually get so excited to see the next months activities. Each week there’s something new to learn through playing and my little girl couldn’t be more happier even if she tried.

How to become an adventurer?


  1. First download the app.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Browse through the endless activities.
  4. Choose what you love.
  5. Book directly through the app using PayPal.
  6. Diarise it so you don’t forget because the app itself won’t remind you.
  7. Enjoy your mini adventure




Adventures We Have Been On

  • Saw How Milk Is Produced
  • Made a lantern
  • Visited firefighters
  • Made pizza
  • Joined a sing along
  • Enjoyed Zumbini
  • Learnt about science
  • Designed a mug
  • Made calm jars

What We Love

Each adventure really keeps our little girl engaged and encourages her to explore. She’s met wonderful friends over the weeks and I’ve made some awesome mummy friends. It is so easy to book an adventure and most importantly she has SO much fun.

What We Don’t Like

The app itself doesn’t remind you about an adventure coming up that you’ve booked. I’ve missed one and arrived late to another because I confused the time. Hopefully with a new update this feature will be added.

Find out more about mini adventures here.


Keep Smiling,


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