30 Ramadan Activities To Do With Your Toddler – Dhillondeeds

I can’t believe it’s almost Ramadan again and contrary to popular belief, Ramadan is our favourite month of the Islamic year. Each year I try to do better than the last and this year is the first year since being pregnant, giving birth and exclusively nursing our little girl that I’ve made the intention to fast. I am so anxious about it but I’ve got too sooner rather than later. I am still breastfeeding but the little one eats a lot more food now.

It is also the first that I will have a toddler to entertain and I want to make sure that we’re doing activities that welcome the Holy month, teach her about the importance of Ramadan while showing her how fun fasting can be so that she’ll grow up loving this act of worship for years to come. Having said that, she is not fasting and won’t be fasting for a good few years but it’s never to early to educate their little hearts and minds.

This year we will be travelling at the beginning of the Holy month to see family and friends abroad and back home so these activities will come in handy in our long-haul flights (hopefully) too but when we’re back in Qatar it’ll be super hot so having enough things and ideas of things to do indoors with a toddler will be needed!

Luckily for me, I guess, I am a Pinterest mum and I follow so many crafting blogs and Youtube channels so it shouldn’t be too challenging to pull things together for us to do during play time that will benefit me and her both. I didn’t find much Ramadan activities for her age group specifically but I’ve compiled a list of possible activities to do with my little toddler through the month by adapting the ones I liked to be more toddler and Ramadan friendly.

Things To Do With Your Toddler In Ramadan


  1. Create A Ramadan Banner/Bunting
  2. Make A Ramadan Treat Calender
  3. Decorate The House/Room
  4. Ramadan Colour-In Picture
  5. Design A Prayer Mat Your Toddler Can Use
  6. DIY Ramadan Bookmark
  7. Make Eid/Ramadan Cards For The Family
  8. Learn Verses From The Holy Quraan
  9. Ramadan Themed Paper Mosaic Art
  10. DIY Islamic Puzzle
  11. Learn The Pillars Of Islam Using Handprints
  12. Clean Up Litter At The Beach/Park/Garden
  13. Bake Ramadan Themed Cookies
  14. DIY Prayer Beads
  15. Read Books About Ramadan & Eid
  16. Learn NEW Vocabulary – Ramadan Edition
  17. Light The House Up
  18. Printed Moon using Foil & Paint
  19. DIY Moon & Star using Potato/Sponge Stamps
  20. Ramadan/Eid Peekaboo Board
  21. Make An Islamic Themed Placemat
  22. Make A Tree Using The Names Of Allah As The Leaves
  23. Ramadan/Eid Themed Sensory Bin
  24. DIY Binoculars To Search For The Moon
  25. “Allah Created” Collage – Cut & Paste Activity
  26. Fish For The Stars & Moons
  27. Make A Lantern
  28. Ramadan/Eid Canvas Tape Art
  29. Make A Sun Activity – You are my sunshine
  30. “Decorating Cookies” Sensory Tray


My intention is to complete one activity a day in addition to the other adventures we do in our daily life. The idea is to add little crafts as a reminder of this Holy time. I will add all the pictures of our crafts once we’ve done them to this blog post but if you know of any other websites with Ramadan crafts and activities please leave their links in the comment section below.


Keep Smiling,



Disclaimer: I have not tried any of these activities and can’t vouch for its safety.  When working with young ones please take the necessary safety precautions to make sure they are free from any harm.


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