Why You Should Be Joining A Zumbini Class With Your Child – Dhillondeeds

We’ve been having so fun at our Zumbini With Kiki classes. It is such an entertaining way to stay active and meet other mums and their tots. Each week I’ve watched my little girl explode with excitement in every class.

But what is Zumbini you may be wondering, it is a class designed for ages 0-4 and their caregivers which combines music and dancing for endless educational development.

Zumbini is not like any other class we’ve ever attended and if you’re looking for something new to do with your tot too, here are my reasons why you should sign up for Zumbini.

Reasons why you should sign up for Zumbini


It is so personal. My first impression of our class was our personal and intimate the class room environment is. Our instructor, Kiki, made us feel welcomed from the start and circle time is even more special as each child is greeted and welcomed by name. We have never experienced this is any other class we’ve attended.

It’s different. We’ve been introduced to so many new songs that we’ve never heard before and it’s not the stuff you’ll hear on YouTube. Our instructor also sings all the songs herself which is just incredible. The kids just love listening to her voice and as caregivers we’re pulled in too to repeat and sing along. This all adds to the experience of new vocabulary, singing and rhythm. Each term the instructor learns new music as well so you can look forward to fresh tunes.

It’s so much fun. This is an understatement. They’ve really got the mix between learning and fun all figured out. It’s energetic, playful and a great way to stay fit! It really encourages a holistic approach to learning social, cognitive, emotional and physical skills. It’s like my workout for the morning. I alway fee rejuvenated after class.

It’s affordable. Considering that a lot of good entertainment comes at a price in Doha, we haven’t broken the bank trying to keep our little tot entertained each week with Zumbini. Our first class was FREE and there after we paid 50 QAR for each lesson. Our instructor hasn’t started any term fees as yet so it’s kind of on a pay as you go service.

It’s a great way to bond. Miss sweet cheeks is generally very keen to interact in her sensory classes but I’ve found that with Zumbini she wants me to be involved with her so much more. She’s always wanting to be in my arms, play peekaboo and chooses the instrument she wants me to play. There’s so much mummy and baby bonding and I’m just absolutely here for that. We are also encouraged to do all the activities with our little ones as opposed to the tots just following the instructor.

It’s a dance party for adults too. I love dancing and I don’t get to go out dancing as a new mum so I do look forward to shaking my booty during “free time” and I’m so lucky that miss sweet cheeks loves to break it down too. The music is jolly, modern and will have you singing the tune all week.

Find out more about Zumbini Classes in Doha here



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