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It has to be about a year ago now that I first stumbled across Friendly First Foods blog while looking for recipes and meal ideas for my back then 6 month old who we had just started weaning. Over this time I have religiously followed her recipes, pregnancy and family shenanigans. She plays such an important role in keeping us all eating healthy and well-balanced meals in our home, of cause I had to get-to-know-her-better.

This new series is completely inspired by two of my favourite lifestyle bloggers The PMP MOM and My Spreadsheet Brain (stay tuned for this collab)

Shehar has a series called Women Making A Difference and Luchae has a series called Meet The Mommy Blogger. They both made me think about the online women in my life  who add true value to my family and I without probably knowing. I was so delighted when Kayley agreed to do this little BTS feature to get to know the girl behind the blog.

Tell us little bit about yourself. 

Hi, I’m Kayley, a 30 year old mum of 2 from Manchester. My husband and I have a two year old son who loves his food and a four month old daughter who is yet to start her weaning adventure.

You inspire me daily but what inspired you to start Friendly First Foods?

I really don’t think I’m inspiring, just a mummy who loves to cook and lives on a tight budget! When I first started weaning Harry I joined some weaning Facebook groups. I had bad experiences of people being rude or judgy so decided to start a Facebook group of my own with one rule, no judgement. The group quickly grew and I decided to start a blog as somewhere to keep my recipes. A year on and I’ve caught the blogging bug and love the community it has given me.

I know you love cooking and baking but what do you love most about blogging and what do you find most challenging? 

I’ve always been a bit of an over sharer. The best part of blogging is having somewhere to record all my recipe ideas and keep a record of those precious family moments. I’ve also met some lovely people through it and seem to be helping others along the way. I love that warm fuzzy feeling that gives me.

What are your three tips to make cooking easier for parents who don’t like cooking?

Have the basics in the cupboard. A good range of herbs and spices, some chopped tomatoes and a variety of pasta, lentils and pulses and you can easily make something out of nothing.

Feed your freezer. I often cook more than I need and freeze meals for later on in the month as a healthy, easy ready meal!

Meal plan. Planning our meals in advance takes the stress out of cooking and saves me a fortune. It also helps me plan a balanced, varied diet over the course of the week.

As a blogger, how do you maintain the safety of your family’s online presence? 

I always worry about this one and would love anyone’s tips on it. I never show my house number or street name on my blog. I also would never share where I work, where Harry goes to nursery/school when the time comes or any pictures of them with innapropriate body parts showing. Alistair chooses not to be a big part of my blog and prefers to be more ‘behind the scenes’ and I respect that. As the children grow up it will be their choice whether they are in pictures or not.

I love cooking but I am not the most adventurous cook. Can you tell us what a lazy cooking day looks like in your home? 

Most mornings start in a lazy way in our home. Harry always has cereal. Always. He’s a creature of habit. For a lazy lunch beans on toast or curried lentils always goes down well and for a quick dinner we love an omelette, homemade chips or a pasta dish. Generally a lazy day’s food will involve using the foods I prepared for freezer over the previous weeks.

My little girl doesn’t always enjoy the food I make. What are some of your tips to feed a fussy eater? 

My top tip would be not to make a big deal out of it. Harry refused to eat broccoli for months. He hated it. Each time I just ignored that and praised the things he did eat. I continued to offer it regularly with no pressure to try and eventually, he tried it. I believe exposure is key and the more they see it on the plate, the more familiar and safe it will seem and the more likely they are to eat it. I also think that eating as a family is a huge help as Harry is always more likely to try something if he sees us eating it.

Lastly, what’s the best advice you’ve ever received? 

The best advice I’ve ever received is just to relax. Children are all different and will all get their in their own time. Let them take the lead and go with the flow. And mostly, enjoy the ride.

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I really really enjoyed this interview. It reminded me of my radio presenter days (yes, I presented on radio) those were fun days! Thank you Kayley.


Keep Smiling,



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