Coming Face To Fur With The Lions And Tigers At Seaview Predator Park – Dhillondeeds

Seaview Predator Park is a privately owned, 120-hectare animal park, overlooking the Indian Ocean in the beautiful area of Seaview, just west of Port Elizabeth.

My parents took my sister and I to see this park when we were younger, I took my husband to see the animals and now I finally had the chance to take my daughter. If you’ve had the pleasure of spending time with my daughter you would know that she’s a little obsessed with lions, well animals in general and it’s absolutely adorable. Keep reading to find out about our experience.


Drive through the park in your own vehicle

We were welcomed by a very friendly man at the entrance to the park who explained everything we needed to know. There are two route to the lions, a long drive and short cut – we of cause chose the longer way because we wanted to see it all. I love that we were able to self-drive through the park and you don’t even need a 4×4. It’s a gravel road all the way with some steep hills and amazing views. It’s relaxed and you are almost guaranteed to see animals immediately. Distance wise this trek was about 2km long, so it really all depends on the driver how quick or ho long it takes.

Dhillondeeds Tip: Remember to follow the speed limit and don’t squish the bugs.

Some of the wild life we saw

The thing about safaris is that there’s always a chance that you may or may not see any animals but we were so lucky to see so many in the park the day we went. All the animals in this part are free roaming. We also got really close to most of them which was an experience in its own. The first animals we saw were the zebras and then around each bend came something new. I really wanted to see the Giraffes. We didn’t see any on our way to the lion and tiger enclosures but we did see a few on our way home as well as our national bird, the Blue Crane.

Dhillondeeds Tip: Bring your binoculars along and take loads of pictures.


Coming face to fur with the lions and tigers

The highlight of the trip was definitely seeing the lions and tigers up close, but not that close as they are in an enclosed space never the less we were able to jump out of our cars and walk around freely.  When we walked in we first saw the lions AKA the “J’s” because all their names start with the letter “J”, they were just relaxing on the grass soaking up the sun minding their own business. My daughter just lost her mind out of pure excitement and started to roar so loud but it didn’t seem to bother them in the slightest. In her defence, she is only one years old and her roar just hasn’t kicked in yet but watch out furry friends. The tigers were up next, they are beautiful cats with their magnificent orange and black striped coats and these lot were so much more active and alert, strutting along the fence – I actually thought they were planning some way to escape and catch us.  I do not remember all their names but I do remember the absolutely breathtaking White Bengal Tiger we saw and I was so lucky to get a picture of her just owning her thrown, what a queen – I hope it’s a she. At the top section the lions Nebbie, Thor and Lilly were sleeping in the tall grass. We were a lot closer to the lions in this section so it was quite a shame that they were asleep. They looked so peaceful and cuddly but I wouldn’t have wanted to test the waters.

Dhillondeeds Tip: Remember to leave lying lions lying. Do not try to feed, disturb or harm them.

Taking A Little Break

We drove up to The Hilltop Restaurant and my-oh-my the views from up are breathtaking. We saw all of the park and the Indian ocean. I took this opportunity to take pictures of cause but also refresh the baby, myself and have a little something to drink. The restaurant is ideal for a light meal, refreshments and some souvenir shopping. It’s open from 9am to 5pm and last orders are taken in by 4pm for all cooked food. I didn’t have any food so I can’t exactly review at this point.

Walking Through Their Sanctuary

Before this trip I didn’t know that the park was in fact a sanctuary for animals whether they are sick, injured or simply in need of a new home they are taken in and cared for. Animals which cannot be re-introduced back into the wild, for whatever reason, become permanent residents in their sanctuary for all of us to enjoy. It definitely is a wonderful experience to be able to see these wild animals in real life. The path way through the sanctuary is high up and you are able to look into each enclosure. The meerkats were the funniest and cutest to see – two of them were hugging. At the very end there was a little animal farm area but we weren’t able to feed or pet any of the animals. Our daughter enjoyed this section so much. A free-guided tour of the sanctuary area can be requested. Just ask at reception.

Dhillondeeds Tip: Pack sunnies, hats and sunscreen.

Additional Information

  • Group and school tours as well as personalised packages are available on request (prior booking is essential).
  • Enjoy a light meal and refreshments at their hilltop restaurant.
  • Make use of our self-catering braai and picnic area.
  • Kids can enjoy the play area.
  • Buy some souvenirs in the curio shop.
  • A free-guided tour of the sanctuary area can be requested.
  • Card payment facilities
  • Toilets
  • Baby changing facillities

Opening Times

The lions are fed every Sunday at 12 noon for public viewing. I highly recommend this experience.

The park is open daily from 9am – 5pm.

Closed on Christmas Day.

Entrance Fee

Adults – 70 ZAR

Children – 30 ZAR (between ages of  3 and 17 years old) 

Students – 65 ZAR

Pensioners – 65 ZAR


With the Nelson Mandela Bay Pass you are able to gain free admission and discount to over 55 attractions and activities in and around Nelson Mandela Bay! Read more here.

Contact Details

Telephone: 041 3781702



Location: Directions available via Google Maps


I’d like the thank Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism for giving us the opportunity to experience this attraction. While this was a collaboration post, some expenses were covered by us. All pictures and opinions are my own.


Have you been to Seaview Predator Park? What was your experience like? I’d love to hear from you.


Keep smiling,



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