Travel Diaries: Mummy And Me Take Paris – Dhillondeeds 

We have just arrived back from our trip to Paris. This was the very first time travelling with my daughter on my own to a new country. Paris has always been a city on my bucket list and I let my expectations run wild. I contacted my friend Anisa from Travel Counsellors, told her exactly what I was looking for and she arrange the entire trip for me. It was so effortless, I loved it. One of the things I really wanted to do was capture this milestone. I got into contact with Tara from Tara Lengyel Photography and I was so happy when she said that she was available on my dates.

Literally counted down the days…


What we didn’t expect was snowfall. This came as a big surprise because when I checked the weather forecast for our dates there was no indication of snow. However, Tara was still hopeful that we’d get the amazing shots I wanted. I was going for a Mummy And Me theme of cause, with matching outfits, with the Eiffel Tower in the background – the works. But it didn’t happen that way, well not entirely, we managed four pictures – just four.


And then it started to snow and the temperature dropped rapidly. We quickly wrestled miss sweet cheek’s into her snowsuit, wrapped her up real warm and made our way to a nearby coffee shop where we warmed up and tried to salvage the session. We were working with some really bad lighting but I love the real life emotion these images ooze. It was cold, we were freezing and she was knackered.


There was no way I was going back out into the cold but you know what YOLO. After wrapping miss sweet cheeks into a little paratha, we headed back and of cause she fell asleep in her buggy which meant my mummy/daughter duo was now definitely crushedthat was pretty much itOn a “brighter” note, miss Tara was not about to throw in the towel just yet and she started snapping and OMW she really impressed me – they’re magical. It turned into a mini me shoot for the blog. I got my Eiffel Tower pics and the day wasn’t all bad. My MIL thinks I belong in a magazine and I am pretty sure my step dad has printed loads on canvas to hang up already!


And then the magic happened. We decided to head back to the hotel we were staying at because I really liked the decor and thought it would be great for some more pictures. Miss sweet cheek’s was still asleep but it didn’t stop the process. I did not have an announcement, pregnancy or newborn photoshoot so this was kind of a big deal for me.  Since it was almost time for her to wake up I thought I’d take her out and get as many pictures as we could. She did more than just wake up, she fed, she ran around, she gave me a cheeky kiss and she roared like a lion.

I now have some truly precious moments together with my little girl in Paris that we both can treasure forever. 



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