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Keeping my child safe when we’re on the road is a top priority. And as she grows I need to make sure that she always fits comfortably and safely into her car seat. More so I need to make extra certain that her car seat is installed correctly. We recently bought her an upgrade from her newborn car seat, we’re happy with our new Joie Steadi , she really loves it but it was quite tricky to install myself and I spent a lot of time trying to do it. Our car seat is fitted with a seatbelt and explains perfectly how to install a car seat with a seat belt in a very easy to follow step-by-step picture tutorial.


I think it’s important to know that I am an advocate for children being in a car seat (there’s no questioning this) and secondly we’ve chosen to keep our daughter rear-facing for as long as we possibly can because it is the proven way (by doctors and child safety experts) to keep her safe on our journeys. Luckily for us she isn’t a fussy passenger and doesn’t scream her face off as much as she use to when she was just born, so our rides are quite peaceful these days. But for peace of mind here are a few tips to keep your tiny passenger safe when in a car seat.

Quick Tips On Car Seat Safety And Checks For Parents And Caregivers

  1. Keep your child rear-facing as long as possible. It is much safer for them.
  2. Make sure you have the right car seat for your child’s weight and height.
  3. Ensure that the car seat fits in your car properly and that it is correctly fitted before placing your child into it.
  4. Ask for help. Even you think you have installed it correctly get it checked anyway.
  5. The car seat should not move when shaken in any directions.
  6. Children should never wear their winter coats when sitting in their car seats so choose an alternative way to keep your child warm in colder weather. I usually preheat the car or use a blanket.
  7. Do the pinch test to ensure that the harness is snug enough. A properly fitted harness gives the best possible protection for your child.
  8. Never leave your child alone in the car.
  9. Register your car seat. This is something I didn’t think about at first but this allow your car seat maker to inform you if for any reason the design is recalled.



Did you know that 1 in 3 children under the age of 13  killed in traffic crashes are not buckled in at the time of the crash? This number is extremely scary and it really breaks my heart to think that something so simple, that only takes a minutes to do could save a little child’s life. That’s big. It is very common in South Africa and The Middle East to see parents and caregivers turning a blind eye to how imperative having their children commute in a carseat really is. I truly hope this culture of carelessness when driving with young children changes soon.


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