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Travelling with a baby can be challenging and sometimes downright disastrous. But it’s totally worth it in the end. And since I’ve had the travel bug for the longest time I wasn’t going to let adding a baby to our lives stop me. My parents didn’t travel abroad with us as children but they did take us around South Africa which I wish we did more of. I have had the opportunity to travel abroad with my parents now as an adult which was amazing, I can’t explain the feeling – memories made as a family is priceless. I am an advocate for travelling and now travelling with a baby. I am constantly questioned and challenged when it comes to travelling with our little bundle of joy and people can’t think of a worst scenario but  I can’t think of a better way to see the world than with her and also through her wandering eyes. I am here to say book that trip and don’t let having a baby stop you from exploring the world.


Great Yarmouth, England

1. Take advantage of free baby fares

Travel more before your baby hits 2! In this last year we’ve saved so much money in travel costs but not all modes of transport are completely free but they definately do not charge full fare for children under 2. The same goes for hotel bookings and entrance fees. Travel with children is not as expensive as it seems.


Doha, Qatar

2. Watch your baby reach new milestones in different places

When booking our trip to the Maldives I didn’t think that our little girl would have taken her first steps and start walking! What an amazing story to tell her when she’s older.


London, England

3. Make memories somewhere new as a family

Travelling allows us to spend time together as a family which in our daily life isn’t always possible. It gives my husband time to bond with our daughter too as his job keeps him away from home a lot. Travelling forces us to break away from our everyday lives, try something new together and makes our bond as a family stronger.


Sun Island Resort, Maldives

4. The first 1000 days of your baby’s life matter

This is roughly the time between conception and your little one’s second birthday. Children are like sponges and travelling allows them to absorb so much which in turn can have a positive influence on how they develop, grow and learn – not just now, but as adults too.


Al Bander Resort, Bahrain

5. Take time to slow down as a family

It’s so easy to get caught up in our everyday lives that we quickly forget to take things slow. When you explore new places you tend to slow down because you or your baby want to take it all in.


QIFF, Qatar

6. Explore new cultures and meet new people

Travelling allows your child to experience new cultures, FOOD, gives them an opportunity to meet new people and widens their horizons. I am a firm believer that life can only be lived outside of your comfort zone. By being exposed to so much difference truly sets them up to become “unfazed” about these difference and learn to appreciate and respect diversity on a whole.


Cliffs Of Moher, Ireland

7. Teaches children valuable life skills from a young age

Travelling involves things like navigating, being flexible, following rules, respecting authority, being mindful and that the destination is worth the journey – patience. These are all valuable skills that will help set your little one up to accomplish great things as they grow well into their adult life.


Port Elizabeth, South Africa

8. You get to choose where to go

While you still have the chance to control every holiday destination – do it! When the children are older they might want to go to places you don’t want too or do things you don’t want too. So, make the most of this time now.


Doha, Qatar

9. It’s actually easy

They don’t ask “are we there yet” which let me tell you is annoying, I have 5 younger siblings. It’s simple to feed them and you don’t have to “make sure they’ve peed“. The list can go on. All you have to do is pop them into a carrier or stroller and off you go.


South Africa

10. Because YOLO 

This is my only life and I want got to live it completely and if that means travelling with a baby so be it. I personally want to see so many places in the world and I want to experience this with our child. Life is short, you have got to make the most of it and not put limitations in your way.


Souq Waqif, Qatar

Why are some of the reasons you travel with your baby/toddler?


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