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We were hungry and in search for a new family friendly restaurant to try out in Doha. It’s not everyday that we get to spend time together as a family so I was pretty excited! I brought my camera along to capture the experience. We decided on the Orient Pearl after reading reviews from Oryx Land Life and Wander With Me. I would highly recommend reading reviews before trying new places in Doha.

The Orient Pearl

Located on the Corniche, this restaurant oozes classy and luxury from the moment you take that slip road and pull up to valet. You are welcomed by friendly staff, an authentic middle eastern ambience and elegance. The Orient Pearl can be described as a fine dining restaurant serving Arabic cuisine.



Before Dinner Run About

There’s a really well equipped play area for children right next door to the restaurant. Our daughter had so much fun she didn’t want to stop. I had a great time taking pictures of her.

Our Table

We decided to sit indoors as it was quite cold and windy but we still had an amazing view of the palm trees and water fountains right next to our table. The decor was really nice and the ambience really just kept you at your best behaviour. There wasn’t separated seating area for non-smoking but we sat really far away from where people were smoking. So, this is something to consider if you do decide to dine here. They also did have high chairs which is always a plus for families eating out.


Time To Eat


They came out pretty quickly which was really good because I was starving. It’s important to mention that the restaurant wasn’t busy the time we went. For starter we went with a Fattouch salad, humus and pita bread. The salad was incredible and my husband was impressed with the humus as he doesn’t usually like it. I really enjoyed our starters.


We basically ordered similar mains. My husband went with the Garlic Lamb Kebab and I had Shish Chicken kebab. It was served with a tomato, onion, parsley, chilly Arabic bread and some pan-cakey looking thing on top. We both didn’t enjoy our meals but the lamb kebab was better. I did read reviews about the food being bland but I did have a higher expectation for this establishment. However, it was edible and I ended up chopping up my chicken and adding it to my Fattouch salad which was delicious. We also had a chillie eating competition with each other as a dinner game. Poor hubby set his mouth on fire!



I decided to try something new in terms of desserts and I wasn’t disappointed. I went with a Syrian Ice-cream and it was simply delicious! I wanted to order more. It was rich, creamy and packed with pischacios and served with a biscuit, cream and a cherry. Yum!


The Bill, Bill, Bill

I was a bit shocked at the prices but I guess we were mostly paying for the ambience which I can’t critique. Our bill ended up costing us 335 QAR which to be fair is not too much for two people.

They do offer a brilliant business lunch brunch if you’re looking for something more affordable for 75 QAR without Shisha and 95 QAR with Shisha. Brunch is served from 12:30pm-3pm.


View At Night

Outside is this colourful dancing water fountain which really entertained our daughter and all the other guests too. There’s also a massive screen where you’re able to watch football. If it was a less windy night I would have definitely wanted to dine outside.


Restaurant Details

Orient Pearl

Corniche Street, Old Salata, Doha

Opening Times: Mon-Sun (12pm-1am)

Contact number: 4410 6666

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 18.07.19


Have you been to the Orient Pearl before? What were your thoughts? Let me know in the comment section below.


Keep Smiling,



Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored. All information is correct at the time of publishing. Please contact the restaurant directly or visit their website of updated details.



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6 thoughts on “Review: Trying Food At Orient Pearl, Doha – Dhillondeeds 

  1. The Oryx Land Blogger-Sahar says:

    Orient Pearl is a win for breakfast. They have the best falafels in town. I am not sure of the bland food as I have dined there multiple times (as a customer and as a blogger) and I really did not find it different. May be it was a bad day. But the prices are on higher side.

    Liked by 2 people

    • dhillondeeds says:

      I’d love to go back again, the ambience was nice for us as a family. Not sure what it would be like if it’s very busy. I’ll have to try their falafels then because I LOVE falafel!


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