7 Things I Can’t Live Without As A New Mum – Dhillondeeds 

1. Mummy Support Groups

Finding a community of like minded parents has been an asset to say the least. My mummy groups are mostly on the internet but I have made some awesome friends since. We get together weekly for anything from playdates, walks in the park, coffee or just a chilled at home. My mummy support groups keep me going at 1am when I am dealing with a stage that’s sucked out every bit of me or 2pm when I am looking to escape the four walls. It might seem weird to some but my mummy friends are my life line and I love and value them so much.

2. A Baby Carrier/Sling 

I am an advocate for baby wearing, it is incredible. I use a sling and a carrier. It’s got me through so many fussy phases when my baby just won’t sleep. Babies love being close to their mums and I love it too. It’s an amazing way to bond with your baby, get stuff done  and burn off those unwanted calories! We travel a lot and the carrier comes in handy always. Make sure to get fitted for the best one and follow all wearing instructions. I absolutely love my sling from Meissa Market.

3. An Electric Breastpump

It’s got to be Electric. There are so many good ones on the market. I breastfeed on demand and have been since day one. I mainly use my pump on days that I produce too much milk and then use that milk in food for baby or in her baths because my baby girl just won’t drink anything from a bottle! Expressing isn’t fun, it isn’t easy but having something that is easy to use makes so much of a difference. I highly recommend an electric Breastpump!

4. Baby Gym/Rocker/Bouncer 

It’s not always possible to get things done when my baby won’t sleep so anything and everything that will keep my baby busy when I need to use the toilet, shower, make myself something to eat or just have 10-15 minutes of time to myself comes handy! I had a baby gym from Mothercare and a rocker from The BabyShop. They were both really handy!


5. A Travel System 

They can be pricey but if you don’t care too much then thrift it. We did. And it was the best investment ever! Ours is from Silver Cross. I like being able to take her car seat out of the car and place it directly on her stroller especially when she’s fallen asleep. It’s lightweight, it folds really easily and there’s so much space for shopping bags.

6. Affirmations

Everyday as a parent is different and each day will test boundaries you never knew existed. Affirmations keep me going. Having a positive thought at the start of each day calms my mind and gives me the strength I need to parent to my best ability. Being a parent is draining but I remind myself to be grateful for the little things I get right each day even if it’s just keeping the little bub fed and kicking and that’s where reflection comes in too. At the end of the day I reflect on my achievements and also where I can improve even if it’s just “I need to go out more”. It is imperative for a healthy mind to reflect and stay positive.

7. A Camera

And last but not least, my camera – with a ton of storage. I take photos daily, of every little thing possible. I’ve ran out of space more than I’d like to know! There can never be enough moments captured. Time flies so quickly and before you know it they’re not little no more – not that it’s going to stop me from capturing every moment still! I do make sure that I have enough empty memory cards and USB drives for storage.


What are some of the things you can’t live without as a mum? 


Keep smiling,



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