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What is Lifecake

In a nutshell, Lifecake is an amazing app that allows you to upload pictures and videos of your child or children to a safe and secure location. It’s like a little photo album right in the palm of your hand that you’re able to reminisce through as well as allow family and friends who might live abroad to enjoy the everyday moments of your bundle of joy. In addition, you’re able to print these moments onto personalised merchandise!

My Experience 

I’ve been using Lifecake for almost two months now. It was quick and simple to download and setup on my iPhone and iPad. I really liked that it gave me the option of signing in via Facebook because I’m such a lazy app user and I really don’t have patience for the long drawn out sign in process. Once I was in, I immediately uploaded my favourite memories of my daughter and us together as a family. All our firsts. The app is brilliant. Lifecake were kind enough to gift me with credit to purchase products from their store. I was spoilt for choice. I must admit that I did spend more than the allocated amount which meant I add to top it up but it was worth it – and I will talk more about this later on. I also found myself in the blog section where I spent a good few hours reading some really good stories, advice and DIYs which sparked my blog post on the things that I can’t live without as a new mum – coming soon.

What We Love

  • Keeps my phone storage free
  • I have an album right in the palm of my hand
  • It’s private
  • I have full control of who can see my uploads
  • Great for keeping the family updated as we live abroad
  • You can add more than one child
  • Easy to upload and share
  • Simple and intuitive to use
  • It has a store to print personalised merchandise directly from the app
  • Available on Google and Apple Store
  • Generous free storage
  • I love the blog too
  • It’s free

What We Don’t Like So Much

The presentation style is a bit all over the place. I would have liked to see the pictures in a calendar style with each month represented. Secondly, we’re not fans of the comments and like options simply because it slowly starts to feel like “social media” and the stress of having to keep up kicks in – of cause our family and friends love seeing our little girl! 

Bringing Our Memories To Life 

With the Lifecake app you’re able to purchase personalised items directly from the app and you can create personalised tote bags, cellphone cases, fridge magnets and a range of other goodies- you’ve got to check it out for yourself.  For photobooks however, you have to use the website which is simple too. I chose to order a cellphone case, a tote bag and fridge magnets with pictures of miss sweet cheeks and us as a family.  

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1. Phone Case

I love phone cases so it was not surprising that I chose to have one made with my little girl on it. I’ve always wanted a personalised case like this. I am very happy with the print, colour and fit. It’s beautiful and a special moment I can relive everyday. It costed £22.

2. Tote Bag

We love going to the pool with our friends and I really needed a cute bag for my little girls swimsuit, snacks and pool side toys. Why not have a personalised one, right? I chose a picture from a moment that meant so much to us as a family. It is approximately 46x46cm and the picture is printed on both sides and it costed £25.

3. Fridge Magnets

The fridge magnets arrive after the phone case and tote bag which was strange but I was equally happy when it did arrive. The magnets were the most fun to make because I got to choose 9 different moments to get printed on each. They are approximately 5x5cm, a good quality print and it actually sticks to the fridge! These costed £18 for 9 magnets.


Sharing The Love 

These products make the perfect gift for any special occasion. Lifecake are offering our readers and followers an extra 10GB of storage for downloading Lifecake and an extra 25% off your first print products order by using our unique code  ‘dhillondeeds’.

You’re welcome. Make full use of it. The code will be valid until 31st Jan 2018.

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Have you ever used Lifecake? Share your experience below. 


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Disclaimer: We received this product in exchange for an honest review. However, all thoughts & opinions are our own.


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