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Ali Huda

Ali Huda is a video on demand streaming app that provides hours of entertainment and learning for Muslim children. Their mission is to get Muslim children to experience joy, excitement and curiosity about learning Islam and so much more. There are new shows added all the time so you are sure to find something your child will enjoy.



Our Experience

I almost fell over when I realised our free 30 day subscription had ended! We’ve had an incredible month of watching Islamic content packed with fun and laughter and I just can not believe time flew by that quickly. Islam is a way of life and it is so very important to me that my child is exposed to the elements of Islam in everything that she does daily and TV and technology is just something we can’t escape so having this app really made this so effortless for us. I still curb the length of time she spends watching programmes but I am happy to report that I’ve never once felt like “OMG what is this” or “I don’t want my child watching that” and it’s a really refreshing feeling knowing EVERYTHING is actually OK for her to watch. Just simply amazing. When I first found out about Ali Huda I was so exstactic because I’ve been searching for a platform like this for the longest time. It’s just so practical and perfect for the modern Muslim child. It’s one of those things  you find and go “why didn’t I think of that?”. We’ve been using Ali Huda daily for one month now and I am definitely signing up again.  If you can’t already tell it’s been amazing. I’ve made full use of the download option to watch videos offline when we’re out and about and my daughter just loves it. She’s been exposed to so much new learning experiences through this app like learning the Arabic alphabet which is something I really want her to be able to master. I highly recommend you try Ali Huda.

The Content

It’s fun and entertaining and most of all my daughter loves it and so do I. It’s one of those things that’s interesting for the whole family. It sort of takes me back to when I first started learning about Islam and I had to go to afternoon school for this everyday. Today, it’s right here on my lap. It makes it so easy and simple to teach Islamic values through TV time which is not always easy. The episodes range from 1.5 to 3 minutes which is a lot shorter than anything on Netflix or Youtube but there are some shows that are longer -we just didn’t watch these daily, and the content is divided into categories which I found incredibly useful because it makes it quick find what I wanted my child to watch – I am still in full control of this since she’s only two – ha! Each series has between 5 to 50 episodes. We stuck to the age 2 category for the most part because these were more appealing to my daughter. This category has more animation compared to the others. I loved that I received emails weekly and some times daily about new shows that had been added to the app and episodes that have been added to our favourites. It has definitely evolved so much in one month and I am so excited to see how much bigger and better Ali Huda gets.

 Learning Themes

  • Basic Arabic
  • Core concepts of Islam
  • Morals and values
  • Nasheeds and songs
  • Simple everyday prayers
  • Learning to read the Quraan
  • Stories of the Prophets
  • Arts and crafts
  • Science
  • Travel and Outdoors

  Our Favourite Shows

  • Alif and Sofia
  • The Brainy Bunch
  • Amani
  • Prophets Seerah For Kids
  • Learn Arabic In Tunes
  • Salman and Aisha’s Adventures

What We Love

  • No Ads.
  • It’s easy to navigate.
  • User Friendly.
  • Next episode plays automatically.
  • You can create a favourites list.
  • Lots of shows to choose from.
  • Able to  download episodes.
  • Clean content.
  • Available on multiple devices.
  • Increases Islamic knowledge.
  • Regular updates and content added.

  What We Don’t Like

  • No section for 0-12 months.
  • Some content is of a low quality.
  • It doesn’t full screen onto a TV.
  • Not available on the Playstation Store.
  • You have to have your email set up on the device in order to log in.


How To Sign Up

Ah, the fun part! It is so simple to sign up to Ali Huda. You can sign up for a FREE 7 DAY TRIAL so that you can experience the content with your children before comitting. Once that trial is over you only have to pay $7.95/month (approximately £6 and R113) which can be cancelled at anytime. It’s definitely an investment.

And there’s more… You can get 50% off your first month when you use the promo code: DHILLON at checkout. Eek, I am so excited about this. You’re welcome.

Make sure to download the Ali Huda app to your preferred device making sure that the email you use is set up on that device too. You will receive an email with a link that should log you in automatically. 



You can also find Ali Huda on social media:

  1. Facebook 
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram 


Enjoy your trial and comment your child’s favourite show below.


Keep Smiling,



Disclaimer: We were provided with the product for 30 days to review, all opinions within this review are my own. This post contains affiliated links and I may get a commission if you use my code to sign up.  However, it costs you nothing! 


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