8 Things You Need To Know About Wearing Liquid Lipsticks – Dhillondeeds 

1. Prep is key

This is probably the most important tip. Give your lips a good scrub.  You can use a lip scrub or your toothbrush straight after you brush your teeth. Exfoliating allows you to get rid of any flaky bits on your lips.

Image Credit: Younique Website


2. Then Moisturise 

Use lip balm that’s not greasy and allow time to sink into your lips. Essentially you want to go with something that’s matte too.

Image Credit: Younique Website

3. Apply a lip liner

Use a lip liner  in the same colour as your liquid lipstick for a fuller looking lip and extra wearing power.



Image Credit: Younique Website



4. Less Is More

You want to make sure not to use too much product. Wipe off the excess product from the wand because when your wand is clean you’ll be able to create a clean and even application.


5. Don’t Rub

Resist the urge to run your lips together rather dab with your finger once you’ve applied it if you need to blend it. Liquid lipstick is not like conventional lipsticks. Rubbing your lips together will cause your lips to look dry and patchy. Not cute.


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6. You Have One Chance

Liquid lipstick does not layer well. Don’t do it. This will cause your lips to look crusty. It’s best to remove the product and start over if you want to reapply or you can top it off with a lip gloss if you not mind the wet look.



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7. Use A Fork & A Straw

While most Liquid lipsticks are matte they aren’t all transfer free, long wearing or water resistant. You also want to stay clear of greasy foods too. So, just use a fork and open your mouth wide and grip the food with your teeth! Almost like a kardashian eats or drinks, actually exactly like that.


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Lastly, they are drying – all liquid lipsticks, and they aren’t a low maintenance look. So, if you not going to wear a full face of makeup it might look strange. While some can pull it off most people can’t!


Comment below what your favourite liquid lipstick is. 


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8 thoughts on “8 Things You Need To Know About Wearing Liquid Lipsticks – Dhillondeeds 

  1. luckilylenny says:

    I am into liquid lipsticks these past few days. Specially that I mostly attend buffets during weekends, I prefer to use liquid lippies that last longer. Good thing you remind me of lip exfoliating! 🙂 Hehe

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