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I love exploring and I love having people around me that love exploring too!


Getting There

We decided to take the drive to experience one of Qatar’s majestic tourist attractions, Al Zubarah Fort. Even though we used our GPS, the directions and road signs are driver-friendly and following them took us straight to the fort with no hassle. It is a really long drive from the city to the middle of what seems like no where but once you get there you are welcomed by a rich sense of history and architecture.

About The Fort

The Fort was built in 1938 making it the youngest of its kind and is now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.  Al Zubarah Fort overlooks the ruins of a once bustling pearling and trading town. It was initially built to guard the coast. There is a little museum at the entrance that explains everything you need to know about this fortress so I won’t spill too much. We spent quite a bit of time in there, probably because it’s air-conditioned but mostly because we were so intrigued by the history and people that once lived and walked these sands. The fort itself is small and we weren’t able to gain access to the looking area as it was under construction. The fort has a regular square courtyard with high walls on each side, a few rooms that have been turned into exhibitions, staircases leading up to a looking area and a water well.  I found the children’s play area to be rather fascinating. A whole area was dedicated to the little ones. I am sure they laughed, and played and had so much fun. My daughter really enjoyed running around in the courtyard and climbing the stairs.

Opening Times

It’s opened 7 days a week from 7:30am till 5pm (from what I remember but I am not sure about Friday’s)

There is no admission fee which makes for a budget friendly trip.

There are also toilets available.

Special Things To Remember

  • Pack a light meal and snacks.
  • Take your sun hat, sunscreen and sunglasses.
  • Dress appropriately keeping local dress codes in mind.
  • Stay hydrated. Take enough water along.
  • Dedicate about an hour to really enjoy the experience.
  • There are service stations in close proximity.
  • Take peak traffic hours into consideration when planning your trip.



Have you been to Al Zubarah Fort? What was your experience like? I’d love to hear from you.


Keep smiling,



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