A Letter To My Daughter – Dhillondeeds 

Dear Nabiha 

I am writing this while you are being entertained by “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and listening to your daddy singing the lyrics completely wrong. This is what he does to make us laugh. You are quiet for the first time this morning and mama (this is what you call me) finally has a chance to write this letter to you.

You are one. 

I can’t believe how quickly time has passed by. It truly feels like only yesterday when I got to hold you for the first time. Your clueless little old mama trying to figure things out. We’ve grown this passed year. And we are still growing and learning together, this is what I love about being your mama. You teach me something new everyday. You introduce me to something new everyday. You encourage me to be a better me for you everyday.

The Almighty has undoubtably looked down upon us favourably. I know the mercy of God now because I have you. I’ve been blessed with the greatest gift. I know your daddy feels the same. You are our daughter.

A little piece of me and him. 

ONE whole year of you has come just too quickly. ONE whole year of me being your mama. ONE entire year of hugs and kisses, tears and laughter, fun and games, learning and exploring the world together.

You’re a little jet setter!

I’ve spent this year loving you, caring for you, being with you – and I have seen you go from crawling to walking to running. You’re even climbing!

Slow down the time please.

And today you’ve just rolled for the time – I know it’s months over due! But with everything in your little life, we allow you to explore, to grow and blossom at your pace.
One whole year and you still don’t like bathing or having your nappy changed or wearing any clothes. Some day you will, I hope.

I’ve captured every single day of your life and I can’t wait to see your face one day when we look back at these tender days- but, believe me miss sweet cheeks (this is what I call you) not every special moment can be captured by a photo, video or even this little letter.




Like now…

You’re blowing me kisses. 

I can’t explain the feeling inside…
I am catching each one and storing them in my heart before I blow kisses back at you.

You’re excited. 

“I kiss you” I said.



You are a clever, gentle, kind and caring little girl. I’ve witness this when you courageously saved your best friend Patrick from the blow up doll I naively thought you would have LOVED, but you didn’t. You thought your friend was in “danger” and you saved him.



You are beautiful inside and out my child. Stay this little girl forever. These are the qualities I pray you hold onto for years to come.



We’ve started playing hide and seek and it warms my little heart when I hear your tiny little feet touch the floor as you walk around trying to find me. The happiness on your face when you finally find me and embrace me with the best hug ever is indescribable.

You light up our lives in more ways than one. 


You’re now fast asleep in my arms. I just love the calm, sweet, carefree look on your sweet little face when you’re asleep.



Your chubby little cheeks, stump little nose, your rosy lips, your long eyelashes, curly hair, your bushy brows and your little hands – just wrapped in my arms. 

Patrick is here too. 

Of cause. 

You’ve spent the most part of this year attached to little old Patrick who was a lovely Christmas gift from your Dadi Ma. And I’ve spent all this time doing my best to look after him too. Daddy and I joke about us actually having two kids.

I’ve been told to wean you off him.

But I won’t. 

It’s not my decision to make. 


We’ve celebrated your one year birthday. You danced and laughed with your friends the whole time. People have traveled far and wide to spend this milestone with you.
I am so proud of you my little girl.

Can we slow time down now maybe?

It’s bittersweet. 

I love watching you grow. I love watching your little personality develop as it changes every single day. But I want to keep you tiny forever.
You’re cheekiness is so cute right now too. You’ve got everyone wrapped around your tiny little finger. 

You bring a smile to everyone’s face. 

Little ray of sunshine. 

You’re loved my little one. 

You’re truly loved. 


I hope that you feel it too.
This year you have made us parents. You have taught us to be gentle and patient in our approach to life, you have taught us to slow down and enjoy every single moment, you have shown us that we’re stronger than we think,  you have proved that unconditional love is real.



Love always,



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