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We have a little trip coming up very soon and I am in the process of packing – I know it’s early but it’s always best to start early so you don’t forget anything, at least that’s what the experts say!  I thought I’d share my carry on essentials when travelling with a baby – seeing that this is a travel blog and I have a baby!

1. Bag

I personally use a backpack because I can carry it on my back which means I can be hands free to hold my baby if I have too. You also don’t really feel the weight when carrying a bag on your back. It’s so much easier than having a hand held or shoulder strap.

2. Toys

On some flights the cabin crew will give your baby a toy to keep busy with but I still bring something familiar along for her to play with. It’s usually her teddy, something to teeth on and something to read. Babies don’t need to too much entertaining when they really little but I’ve found since Miss sweet cheeks has hit 6 months, I’ve had to be more creative and hands on with entertaining.

3. Sling/Carrier

This is an easy, lightweight, hands-free and safe way of carrying your baby especially when walking through crowded airports. You choose which one works best for you. When miss sweet was just born I preferred a sling now that she’s older and heavier, I use a carrier.

4. Clothes 

You have to pack an extra set of clothing. For yourself and your baby. Leaks, mess and spills happen all the time. You might just want to freshen baby up just before you land to help minimise any discomfort during that period when you’re just not allowed to leave your seat. For baby it’s usually a grower and body suit, for myself it’s usually just a tshirt. Remember to back clothing according to weather.

5. Toiletries 

Whatever you choose to use bring enough along. This goes without saying of cause! I usually bring 5 nappies because generally our baby girl uses 5 a day. I also pack diaper bags so I can dispose of them easily without causing any displeasing smells for the next person. Always be considerate. Make sure to pack everything you would need to clean baby. These are also for me too. I pack some hand wash, hand lotion, sanitary wear, deodorant and disinfectant wipes. Make sure all liquids are 100ml or less.

6. Muslins 

These are great especially to breastfeeding. I don’t go anywhere without these but if you don’t use them then don’t pack them. I use them as bibs for the most part.

7. Blanket

I bring a thin swaddle kind of blanket with just in case it gets cold in the plane because sometimes it does. I also use this as a cover up when we’re breastfeeding and to cover her up when she’s asleep in the bassinet.

8. First-aid kit

This could be made up of anything and everything you usually use to make your baby feel better if they’re not well. Mine consists of nasal spray, nappy rash cream, fever/pain medication, teething gel/powder and a thermometer. Make sure that all liquids are 100ml or under.

9. Buggy/stroller 

Being yours along. I haven’t upgraded to a very friendly travel one just yet but there are so many on the market. Definitely look for something that can fold easily and fit into the cabin. We still travel with a car seat so I bring the whole thing along and check it in right at the very end. Most airlines allows this. Just make sure to ask beforehand.

10. Snacks

I personally don’t feed miss sweet cheeks any solid foods when we’re airborne because I am over cautious of her choking so I stick to breastmilk only. However, I do pack snacks for when we’re in the airport. My girl loves to eat so I need to be stocked up. If your baby isn’t on solids just yet then leave this out or pack some for yourself!



Happy Travels. When packing for baby I basically just stick to what I would usually take out with us if we were to just pop out for the day. It’s pretty much the same things. This list is more for myself than anyone else! But do let me know if it was helpful. 

Let me know what your essentials are. I know mine will change as my baby’s needs change. Let me know in the comment section.


Keep well,



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4 thoughts on “Carry On Essentials When Travelling With A Baby – Dhillondeeds 

  1. Prajina Karmacharya says:

    Very informative, I am also flying soon with my baby 6 plus months for the first time. Just a question in my mind, our flight time is 9 hours and i am sure there will be dirty diapers to do during that duration, where do we change nappies during flight? bassinet? already booked a bassinet seat though but just wondering as it would be smelly.. happy travels !

    Liked by 1 person

    • dhillondeeds says:

      So I’m not too familiar with all aircrafts but usually there’s a changing table in the toilets. I use that and I have nappy bags for poopy nappies that I would just throw away in the bins provided. I hope this is helpful.


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