Review: Younique Shine Wipes – Dhillondeeds 

Wipes are not the most exciting product to review but these are so impressive that I’m willing to write about it! and I am so EXCITED to share my experience with you.

The SHINE eye makeup removing cloths from Younique are the best makeup removing wipes I have tried!

The packaging is in one of my favourite colours – yellow – it’s compact, has a sticky seal and there are 36 wipes inside. These wipes also have a pleasant smell – very fresh and natural. Each wipe is generously saturated but not too wet which is really great. The cloth itself is soft but firm and doesn’t tear apart while cleaning off your makeup. It’s promoted as an eye makeup remover but I use it for my WHOLE face and it works! It leaves my skin feeling smooth, moisturised and nourished for hours. I don’t have to rub my skin really hard or apply a lot of pressure like I do when I use other makeup removing cloths. I also only need just one cloth for my WHOLE face. It is very economical – a little goes a long way. I cut mine in half when I don’t have too much makeup to remove and seal the other half away for later use. The cloths are generously saturated with ingredients such as sunflower, olive, and jojoba oils, vitamin E and rosemary – which are all really good for your skin. It removes my makeup really easily including waterproof products like mascara and eyeliner and best of all it doesn’t irritate my skin like other wipes I’ve used before. I also love that all those amazing skin products leave my hands feeling soft and moisturised too. 

I am really lazy when it comes to removing my makeup and I am ashamed to admit it but sometimes I just go to bed with a full face of makeup but with these wipes I definitely spend less time removing my makeup at the end of the day and it’s just sped up my night time routine. It’s actually made removing my makeup equally as fun as applying it. You don’t need to wash your face if you don’t want too after you use these wipes because they give your skin such a thorough cleanse. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for quick, simple and effective makeup removing wipe. 
Have you tried them yet? What was your experience? If not, consider a purchase. Visit my presenters site for more details. 
Thank you for reading, 


Disclaimer: This post was in no way sponsored and reflects my honest experience and opinions. 

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