My Year In Review: 2016 – Dhillondeeds

Happy New Year! 

I can’t believe this year as come and gone by so quickly. It feels like only yesterday I drafted and posted what I did in 2015. And it goes without saying that it’s been one eventful year. If you’d have asked me this time last year where I would be in 2016 I can assure you it wouldn’t have been half of what happened this year. So, here’s my collection of memories I made during 2016.

Travelled to a new country 

At the beginning of the year I had the opportunity to join my husband on a 24 hour layover to Sri Lanka. With only that to spare we indulged in local cuisine, road in a tuk-tuk, browsed around tiny shops, fought off crows (yes, crows), relaxed by the pool and attempted a walk along the beach but the sand was too hot!

Celebrated our 2nd marriage anniversary 

This year marked our journey together as parents. It was a major leap for our relationship and I won’t lie it’s taken us both by surprise. We haven’t quite figured out the balance between everything just yet but what we have worked out is that now; family time doubles up as couple time too. I am happy to trek this road with my partner in crime as we figure out parenthood. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? 

Relocated to a new country 

This year saw us packing up our cosy bachelor pad in the UAE for a two bedroom apartment in Qatar and then a few months later we moved to a different apartment with a baby! I am still finding my feet in our new home, it hasn’t been easy for me but I am putting myself out there, I am making friends and memories and in a nutshell- making the most of it.

Experienced my first pregnancy 

Oh boy and it was not a walk in the park. I was tired all the time!  And I was shocked at the amount of things people don’t tell you about being pregnant. I guess most woman want to focus on the good rather than the negative. I am grateful that I had a healthy pregnancy despite the sugar scare.

Started the journey of motherhood

And then that brings me to motherhood. Yes, I became a mother of a gorgeous girl named Nabiha. With only just a little over 100 days in this world she’s already captured so many hearts to last a lifetime. This journey has been a roller coaster of emotions and that’s the only way to describe it. Sleep deprivation is a real thing! I am exhausted in a loving, beautiful way. 

Blogging Opportunities 

I attended my first fashion show as a blogger at Dhillondeeds! It was amazing. The designer lineup was incredible and I was lucky enough to meet Anniesa Hasibuan. I met a few other bloggers too. I also attended my first bloggers conference and had the opportunity to work with a brand. I hope that 2017 as a lot more blogging opportunities install for me.

Visited London 

I spent just a little over 2 months in London this year while we were transitioning from the UAE to Qatar. Which meant I got to experience London in summer for the first time. We then visited again in winter too as we visited family for the Christmas holidays. London is an amazing city with so much history! One day it will be home.

Spent Christmas with family 

For the first time in a really long time we got to spent the holidays with family. It was amazing. We opened so many presents, ate our weight in food and dessert and most importantly bonded with our loved ones.

Lessons of 2016: 

life is short,

family is everything,

travelling broadens your mind,

being a parent is beautiful yet exhausting,

truly count your blessings,

live in the moment,

be patient,


let it be.



That’s a wrap for my 2016. It was everything it needed to be. Thank you for all of your comments, shares, likes and support on my blog, Instagram and YouTube. I really appreciate it. Wishing you and your family all the best for the new year and beyond.

Keep well and keep smiling,



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5 thoughts on “My Year In Review: 2016 – Dhillondeeds

  1. Shahira says:

    Yay. It has been a truly beautiful year, hasn’t it?😊 Alhamdulilah.

    Congrats on the chance to being able to work with brands and also the bloggers event was truly lovely.

    We are on the same time line with the wedding anniversary haha😊 Ours was in June😊

    Wishing you a great 2017 with more opportunities 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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