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I was approached to do a review for Bio-Oil a few weeks ago. I’ve heard a lot about the product and know people who swear by it but I have never tried it out for myself but now that I have I want to share my experience.


Bio-Oil, like the name suggests has an oil-based formula. Although it is an oil, it isn’t greasy and absorbs into the skin really quickly – thanks to the PurCellin Oil included in it.  It has a beautiful floral aroma which I absolutely love – thanks to the lavender, rosemary and chamomile ingredients.


The packaging is made with plastic – simple yet sleek. I love the slim cylinder shape of the bottle as it is lightweight, doesn’t take up too much space and stores really well in my vanity. I also like how the pretty peach oil is shown off through the transparent bottle.


It is a multi-purpose skincare oil but worldly known to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars. It can also be used as a base before applying makeup which gives a nice dewy finish. As a bath oil for a relaxing spa-like treatment leaving your skin feeling soft and nourished. It can also be used to finish off the perfect mani or pedi by applying a few drops onto the cuticle area. I am all about that minimal lifestyle so I am excited to explore and experiment with all the ways this one product can be used.


I have been using Bio-Oil twice a day after I shower for approximately 6 weeks now and -not only me but my husband too – have already noticed a difference. I have been using it around my abdominal area and my stretch marks are still visible but have definitely lightened by a few shades. Overall, my skin feels soft and a lot more hydrated as I have been using it as a full body moisturiser too. I also love that it is safe to use while breastfeeding however I do make sure to not let it touch my nipples.  It is recommended to use this product for a minimum of three months for results to show so I am pretty impressed that I have seen results this soon and I simply can’t wait to see the difference in another month times.

I have a few before and after photos but I do not wish to share those on my blog. If we do happen to bump into each other, I don’t mind showing you and you can see for yourself. I would definitely recommend this product to individuals who follow a good diet, drinks a lot of water and who are patient enough to see results because stretch marks and scarring do not just occur overnight likewise the process of lightening those marks and scars will take time too. I like to remind myself that my stretch marks are a sign that I carried and delivered my beautiful baby.

It’s  important to love your body. Honour it by counting your blessings and not your blemishes.

Keep well and keep smiling,


Disclaimer: I received this product to review. All photography and opinions are my own.

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