Fitness Friday // Little Steps 

I don’t even know how to start this post but it’s Friday and it’s time for me to catch you all up on our fitness and health progress for this week. It’s been a long but productive week for us.  Our goal was to exercise 30 minutes everyday – and we did it – we decided to follow my favourite aerobics routine, Hip Hop Abs. I’ve been doing these workouts on and off for 8 years now and I absolutely love it. It’s a workout I always recommend to my family and friends. It’s fun, interactive and truly a workout you will see results from. I was so excited when Amraj suggested that we start this month off with Hip Hop Abs. I am also so thrilled that we didn’t do the usual gym routine because that always fails,ALWAYS.


Our workouts this week focused mostly on burning body fat and ab sculpting. In terms of weight loss, I see more definition around my ab area but we haven’t lost much weight – and that’s okay because it’s only been a week afterall. Overall, we feel really good- and I am really happy about that. At first Amraj thought he would hate it and all this would just turn into one of those things he had to do instead of want to do, but it has turned out to be rewarding in many ways. As a couple we’ve started something together, and even though there’s been only a slight physical change, it has brought about a sense of confidence in terms of body image and excitement because we will soon have our perfect bodies.


We both feel really good about our appearance already and we are really pleased about finally bringing this routine into our lives and believe this will open up new paths in physical fitness for both of us. Amraj is even thinking about taking up dance classes – he’s already trying his skills at doing “the dougie” – and I really want to try yoga. It is our 2016 goal to start living a more active and healthy lifestyle.


I am happy that we’ve decided to move at a slower pace rather than looking for a quick fix. This time we are going to work hard and persevere. This is going to be a really good week because we are starting it stronger than last week and that’s more than I could have hoped for.
Keep smiling,


6 thoughts on “Fitness Friday // Little Steps 

  1. Chelsea says:

    Congrats! So excited for you. I definitely recommend yoga it’s so amazing and I’ve never felt more well-rounded doing any other type of workout. It literally works everything you can imagine. Looking forward to hearing how your next week goes!

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      • Chelsea says:

        Yes I do all my yoga from home as well. I don’t know of any good DVDs unless you want to practice Ashtanga but I have a post of some beginners youtube videos. Feel free to check it out 😉


  2. ayshasana says:

    working out does not only make you look smarter it also boosts your immune system and release all those happy hormones that we r missing …i am looking forward to reading your workout stories im sure ul have a great time bonding with your husband and also coming back into of luk

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  3. imagin8wtvr says:

    I’ve also tried yoga and I loved it. Its way better than actually going out and running which was my previous form of exercise, although I’m not sure if the one should be substituted for the other, lol…Yoga is extremely relaxing, there are some great videos for beginners on YouTube, Good luck!


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