Fashion Theme // Wear What Where October 

Please excuse the previous post. I am having a bit of trouble blogging and publishing directly from my phone as I am on holiday in South Africa. It’s been tough but I am keeping up! 

This month I’ve decided to join in on an October what to wear challenge. It’s been a lot of fun and I’ve managed to keep up with the outfits as well considering that I only have a hand full of clothing items with me at the moment. 

These were my looks so far, I hope you enjoy it. 

Grey  Gradients 

Crew Of Blue 

Tee Time  

Denim Darling 

 Plaid And Gingham 

Hint Of Fall Print  

Each week I will be uploading my looks of the previous week. I am really enjoying getting dressed everyday and looking through pictures on Instagram of other ladies who have joined in! 

Head over to my Instagram page, Dhillondeeds, for more awesome pictures and information on how to join in on the fun! 

Which look was your favourite? Let me know in the comment section. Looking forward to all your replies.

Thank you for reading,


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