Review: The Daily Coffee Cafe // South Africa

To escape the tedious joy of shopping, my sisters and I decided to take a coffee break at The Daily.

As we walked into the cafe, I was struck by the modern decor. It had a pleasant and delightful atmosphere – cosy and homely – with plenty of space and light. We chose a seat that had a breathtaking view. It felt like I could have spent the entire day just chatting and looking out at the mountains.

The table service was quick and the staff were warm, welcoming and friendly. I really felt at home. And the coffee – of cause – was superb. I had a hazelnut latte which is my favourite and a generous slice of carrot cake.

It was delicious and best of all it was reasonably priced. It also gets double points for having a little reading corner for the book lovers.

The cafe was picture perfect and I could not resist my urge to capture as much as I could. It was my first time here and definitely not my last.

I am not a serious coffee drinker but it was a special treat for me to catch up with my sisters.

A smashing place. If you ever find yourself in Wellington, craving a good cup of coffee – The Daily is highly recommended.

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