Blogging Buddy // 5 Ways Blog Buddies Help Your Blog

Your blogging buddy gets it. They understand how hard it is to have a blog. They know what it is like to sit in front of your laptop and write absolutely nothing all day. They understand that it is a lonesome business. They also understand that feeling when someone likes, comments or shares your work. It’s like having an workout friend – the one who gives you reason to get up and put your trainers on. A blog buddy can help keep you inspired and motivated or maybe they are just better at blogging and can help you fine tune your work.

It is really important to feel understood by someone who knows what you going through in this industry. You could do this with anyone but there is a big difference – a blogging buddy actually cares – because they are doing the same thing as you.  If you are a blogger then you are familiar with rambling on and on about your blog and blogging in general with your family and friends only for them to stare at you all confused – but that won’t happen with a blogging buddy because they won’t judge you – they understand and appreciate your enthusiasm, drive and obsession because they blog too. They won’t compete with you because you don’t have to compete with one another. They will have the same goals as you – to grow.


5 Ways Blog Buddies Help Your Blog

  1. Brainstorming post ideas

Having someone to create ideas with is amazing. No matter how creative you are – don’t underestimate the value of another person.

  1. Write guest posts

Provided you have similar genres you can feature each other on your blogs. This will increase your audience and interaction.

  1. Expand your network

They will share your work on their social platforms. Bloggers can share followers because it is common for people to read multiple blogs by multiple bloggers and love all of them.

  1. Provide technological advice

We all have different talents, we all excel in different areas.  That means that your blog buddy will be able to offer a unique area of expertise.

  1. Helps build your comment section

Comments on a post is always a good thing. People are more compelled to read posts with more comments and tend to comment when they see other people commenting.

Do you agree with having a blog buddy? Do you have a blog buddy? If so, how has it helped you and your blog? Would you please add your suggestions to the comment section below?

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