50 Little Things That Make My Life Happier 

When I started this challenge I didn’t think I would make it to 50. Listing the first 10 things that make me happy took me a while and that’s not surprising because lately I have been feeling a bit down (things don’t also go my way) and that’s why I thought I would do this challenge – to remind myself. After really thinking about it, I found it so much easier to write – I actually had to narrow it down. I feel so much more happy now and hopefully this feeling won’t go away.

Here we go…

  1. Faith
  2. Family
  3. Hubby
  4. Friends
  5. Charity
  6. Blogging
  7. YouTube
  8. Yellow
  9. Popcorn
  10. Instagram
  11. Chocolate
  12. Sewing
  13. Sushi
  14. Reading
  15. Tea
  16. Crisps
  17. Movies
  18. Writing
  19. Turbans
  20. Curls
  21. Walks
  22. Mascara
  23. Cats
  24. Studying
  25. Exercising
  26. Pedicures
  27. Manicures
  28. Wifi
  29. Travelling
  30. Selfies
  31. Donuts
  32. Crafts
  33. Pancakes
  34. Sunrise
  35. Sleeping
  36. Candles
  37. Karaoke
  38. Tights
  39. Trainers
  40. Volunteering
  41. Sunglasses
  42. Kimonos
  43. Gardening
  44. Picnics
  45. Hiking
  46. Cleaning
  47. Dancing
  48. Meditating
  49. Daisies
  50. Praying

I really enjoyed doing this challenge because I do not usually focus on the things that make me happy and it was so therapeutic and now I have a list to look back on when I am feeling down. I am also excited to expand my list because I’ve realised that there is so much more simple things that make my life so much more happier.

Do we have anything in common that just puts a smile on your face and gives you all sorts of good feelings? What are some of the simple things that make you happier? Let me know.

Thank you for reading,


6 thoughts on “50 Little Things That Make My Life Happier 

  1. Jas says:

    My iPad makes me happy as I can do 50 + things on my iPad eg talk to family , keep track on children. Yes mummy is watching you honey. I can shop and no I won’t drop as can do from my arm chair , email , google , face book , twitter , etc……………..I love my iPad xx

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