How Often Do We Thank God?

I have a little black book. It’s black. Not your conventional list of love affairs but rather filled with little prayers, quotes and verses that I have collected throughout my high school years to help me stay God conscious and humble. I’ve recently stumble across this little piece of heaven. It came at the correct time. Exactly the reminder I needed. I believe that everything happens for a reason and I would like to share the piece of wisdom I have found – in my little black book. 

“Then which of the favours of your Lord will ye deny?” 

This verse is repeated many times in Chapter 55 in the Holy Quraan. How often do we ponder and count  those favours or just give them a thought? How often do we appreciate them? How often do we thank God for those favours? 

One morning you plan to go on a trip. You tell the family you intend leaving at a specific time. Your spouse delays you by taking long to get dress. The your kids have to be dressed for the second time because their clothes got dirty. Then the car won’t start. Then your neighbour delays you even longer because they need a lift to the shopping centre. You curse and cuss. At this point you feel like you are the most bad luck person in the world. Eventually you get going on your trip with your family. You witness a terrible accident. Corpses lying all over the place. You drive past saying, “Shame, I hope no one is dead!”

Did you ever think that, that could have been you and your family? That the delay caused by the family and neighbour was a favour from God? It could have been a delay tactic to save you? How often do we say, ” Thank you, Oh Lord!, that could have been us, but You have saved us.”

We are driving down the road and another driver ignores a stop sign and just misses us by an inch. Do we thank God for saving us or do we swear the other driver? Sometimes we might ignore a stop sign and get saved. The other driver swears at us but instead of apologising we sometimes swear back at them. How often did you not experience a car about to bump into you, but stopped in the nick of time? We may get into a fight over whose right and wrong, but do we ever thank God for saving the day? 

These types of savings we are blessed with throughout the day in all walks of life. Some learned people say that God saves us at least 99 times a day. If you take a few moments and think about it, you will find out where and when you have been saved during the day. 

So the next time you get saved, thank God immediately. 

“Glory be to God, there is no power but in God” 

Thank you for reading,


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