Travel Tasters // Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque 

This past weekend my husband treated my mother in law and myself to a getaway in my favourite city in the Middle East, Abu Dhabi. I am always happy when I am in this city, it reminds me a lot of places back home. It is clean, calm and captivating. It has so much character compared to other cities in the UAE. I absolutely love the fact that the streets feel safe and I am able to drive along peacefully.

We did not do much sight seeing on this trip because we had too much fun in the pool and with all the activities our hotel had to offer. We did however manage to take an evening drive to see the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque because it is closed for tourism activities on Friday mornings and only opened up again after 4pm. This experience was breathtaking at every corner, well worth the wait. Unfortunately, we did not take the full tour of the mosque because we were not dressed according to the requirements of the mosque. There was however cloaks available for us to rent but that required us to hand in our passports and we were not comfortable with that.  In the end we sat down and took in the full view of this beautiful mosque as the sun set on it and watched how the whole mosque lit up in blue and purple lights.

I do not know much about the history or design behind this mosque but what I do remember reading is that it is one of the largest mosques in the world, holding up to about 40000 worshipers at a time. It is made up of 82 domes and over a 1,000 columns with 24 carat gold chandeliers and the world’s largest hand knotted carpet. That is pretty impressive if you ask me. There are beautiful pools and neatly planted gardens that surround the mosque- adding to its beauty and majestic feel. Something else I also read was that the white and gold colours you see are transformed at night by a unique lighting system which reflects the phases of the moon. That is really interesting, I did not realise that at the time.

I hope you enjoy the images I managed to take with the help of lovely mother in law.


That’s all for my travel taster this week. I hope you enjoyed it and come back next week to see what I’ve been up to.

Thank you for reading,


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