My Pet Peeves


I thought I would monitor the things that really annoy me and write about it and even though they are minor annoyances they are REALLY annoying to me – to a greater degree than others may find it. It is important to understand what irritates you because if you are super low on patience, like I am, then you are able to prevent yourself from losing control in these situations. If you like this sort of thing then keep reading because you could probably relate!

  1. When I can hear someone chew

“Oh look at me, I’m eating food!” Really? The sound of you eating  is really making me lose my appetite. Stop smacking your food!

  1. Hijabi Police!

I have nothing against hijab but what I don’t appreciate is when some hijabis feel spiritually superior and entitled to become religious police and feel no shame in telling another Muslimah off.  We face so much scrutiny from the world as it is, we do not need you to do it too.

  1. When someone spells my name wrong

Me: Hi, my name is Fazeelah

You: Hi, fazzella

Me: …

  1. People who pull snot into their nose

This will always and forever be my greatest peeve! I’m that person that will tell you that you are disgusting before handing you a tissue! Yuck! I get that it’s your mucus but I will make you wish you swallowed yourself!  It’s revolting!

  1. A bed that’s not neatly made up

I mostly blame this on my mother. Even though research shows that an untidy bed may keep us healthy, I just can’t resist the urge to pull those sheets straight and puff the pillows up!

  1. When someone says “Literally” but don’t really mean it

“Come on? You literally died? So, how are you able to retell this story?”  Shhh! Stop talking you are alive and if you don’t you will wish you were dead!

  1. Drivers who don’t use their turn signal

When did using a turn signal become optional?! You are a bad person and everyone around you, hates you! The only thing that keeps us safe are the agreed upon rules that we should all abide by.

  1. A wobbly table

The function of a table is to provide a stable surface, so when they fail in that ONE expectancy, it really sucks. Then you have me folding all my receipts in my purse to shove under the leg that’s causing me all this grief.

  1. Drivers who take up two parking bays

People hate drivers who take up more than one spot. It’s a fact! Parking spaces are designed for a reason, regardless of size, a car can fit inside that bay without damaging neighbouring cars.  You are not doing anyone a favour! In fact you are asking for your car to be scratched, dented and spoilt!

  1. People who litter

Just stop showing off and find a bin, please.

When I really think about it, I don’t have pet peeves! I have whole kennels of irritations but like always I do my best to find the humour in everyday grievances and that’s how I am able to bring you this post. Let me know what your pet peeves are.

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