The Time I Went Without Social Media


There is no one as fixated as I am when it comes to social media and this is probably the reason my friend challenged me to give up social media for a day and went a little further by including my phone. Well, here I am, reporting that I am still alive – more to my surprise than anyone else’s- and to talk about my experience as well.

The first couple of hours were filled with withdrawal symptoms, I just missed the constant entertainment that comes with social media. I did not anticipate how difficult this would actually be and even though it was only a 24 hour challenge, the first second felt like a lifetime. Do not judge me. I never considered life without my phone or the internet and I do not think I could go without it again. Just being able to Google something or YouTube a how-to video, very simple things like that. I do not have a wall clock or watch so something simple like checking the time was done by looking at my phone.

I was constantly thinking “What am I suppose to do now?”. The realness of my boredom could not get realer. If I see something beautiful, I immediately want to photograph it and post it on Instagram. I am so guilty of this but isn’t everybody. I watch a funny video and I immediately want to tell my friends to do the same. I read a well-researched article and I immediately want to share it with my friends on Facebook. So, my day went “uncaptured” and “untold” and “undocumented”  but it was by far one of my best days this week and the rest of the world did not need to know.

I am such a routine based person and scrolling through feeds are all planned into my day. The most challenging part of it all was being able to replace those set times with other activities. After breakfast, cleaning up, having a shower, getting dressed and doing the washing I decided to go out (which I do not voluntarily do) and I dragged my husband and his friend along because I did not have my GPS! And I was not in the mood to get into a situation my phone would usually get me out of! This experience forced me to get out of my comfort zone, to wander and to explore a bit and not get stuck down by the never ending stream of information online. I never knew there was so much time in a day-if you know what I mean- I managed to spend a whole day having meaningful conversations and allowed myself to experience what the real world had to offer, people.My friend kept checking up on me, I swear she thought I was going to relapse but I was so determined to prove that I can do it.

What’s my plan now? Well, I am back on social media (Yay!) but I do not want to go back to my old routine because I really enjoyed the time that I spent doing activities and socializing face-to-face and that’s why I made the decision to go ahead and give up social media for a month. I am all for change, especially if it is going to add real value to my life. I am always up for something new so I am super excited for the challenge to start. I know it won’t be easy but I still have a few weeks before I actually start and my friend is going to join me this time around.

Remember that your attention is the most precious thing you can give someone else. It is this type of plain but powerful understanding that can help us tame the compulsion to connect digitally.

Can you spend a day without Social Media? You may love it, hate it but you surely cannot be untouched by it. I would definitely encourage all my readers to “fast” from social media for a day. It is quite an eye opener.

If you have done this challenge already do not be shy to tell me about it, share your experience too.

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