Simple DIY and Benefits of Rose Water

Hello Beautifuls,

Today I thought I would share a little beauty hack I’ve recently come across. This simple little product has profound benefits, something I never knew. So, what is this mysterious product?  It’s rose water. You won’t need to go out and buy ridculous amount of products to keep yourself looking fresh and pretty, inside and out.  You will just be needing this one. I summarised a few benefits and added a simple DIY for you to try. Have fun.



1. Helps with problem skin
2. Keeps skin moist
3. Reduces the appearance of puffy eyes
4. Promotes healthy scalp and hair growth
5. Reduces dandruff
6. Detoxifies the body and promotes digestion
7. Helps to reduce stress and anxiety

Makeup Setting Spray

Setting spray helps to make your makeup look smoother and vibrant all day long. These sprays are available in stores but can be very expensive. This is an easy and inexpensive way to make your own setting spray using natural products. This way you know exactly what you putting on your skin and it doubles up as mood enhancer mist, toner, make up remover and leave in conditioner – to mention but a few.

You will need:
Filtered water
Rose water
Spray bottle

Add 3/4 filtered water and 1/4 rose water to the spray bottle. Shake well and enjoy. Spray at arms length onto your face. Thats it!

FYI: You can add in few drops of glicerine if you only going to use it as a setting spray and Vitamin E oil to extend the shelf life of the makeup setting spray. Spray this every few hours for a refreshing feeling.

I am absolutely loving this DIY.  It’s so easy to make. It’s safe and smells really good. It’s nature’s little gift to us. If you have other DIYs for me to try then let me know. Also, if you try this let me know too.

Stay Beautiful

9 thoughts on “Simple DIY and Benefits of Rose Water

  1. Samsam H Farah says:

    Sounds interesting, rose water, would of not even thinked of it in that way. My mum used it on my little sister.
    The babies’ skin is very soft as compared to the older kids and adults. Since the cells over their skin level are new hence they happen to be very smooth and soft. Such skin is not competent to resist some of the harsh chemicals or hot water. So before applying anything over a baby’s skin, the rose water is concerned, it has a sweet smell appearing like crystal clear water, which simply smells out refreshing. Since it is found in gentle and pure form that it can be used for any soft skin, it’s a perfect choice for babies.
    Im going to go buy some and see on my skin. Thanks bbe. I really only throught it was for kids.

    Loved reading your post. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • dhillondeeds says:

      Hi, yes it is remarkable. I’ve only ever thought it was used for baking and cooking lol but it has profound uses and well worth the try and value for money! Let me know how it goes and if you feel any changes. Thank you for reading and commenting babe.


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