I am a reflection of My Community ❤


I hope this post finds you all in good health and faith.

It has been a while since my last post and since my arrival in Port Elizabeth I’ve been so busy. I feel as if I haven’t slept at all. Early mornings and late nights can leave you feeling sluggish and exhausted but through the grace of God it’s been worth while. As many of you may know, I met my last return with the passing of my grandmother whom I loved and treasured with all my heart. She was always the first person I greeted when I returned and the last person I saw whenever I ventured off again. So, it’s really been an emotional time for me but I am so grateful to have my family and friends who are constantly around to comfort and support me.

The main reason for my visit this time around was to see my aunty who was recently diagnosed with Meningioma, a tumour of the membrane covering the brain. I was completely shocked by the news the very first time I heard this. With me being the person I am, I immediately thought of the worst possible outcome and broke down in tears because the Lord knows I would not have coped well with the reality of loosing another loved one so soon. Being so faraway makes everything so much harder. And this is the part where I am going to take this opportunity to thank and honour all the people of our community who unselfishly donated their time, money and prayers in helping our family pay for the incredibly costly procedure that was performed to safely remove her tumour.

My aunty Gadija, known in the community as “yaya” is a kind-hearted,  generous and affectionate person who is always ready to assist whenever, wherever and with whatever. For many years she’s been taking care of children in the community when their parents have to work and offers her time and help with members of the community who are sickly. She always puts herself before others. She is a woman of high morals, values and religion. She has a firm belief in God and is a beautiful example of a Muslim woman. I feel as if I can write forever on her character but I am limited for space. She doesn’t need me to validate the wonderful person she is but I feel in my heart that I need to. Truth be told, as an individual she’s raised half of our community from the comfort of her home. She’s given something not in monetary value but worth so much more without ever expecting anything in return.

This weeks event, in an attempt to raise money and awareness of her diagnosis,  proved how incredibly loved she is. I have never in my existence witnessed people flooding in to help like I have today. In a matter of 3 weeks our family managed to raise enough money to pay for operation with the help of our community. Not a single person refused and God is my witness, even people in poverty strickened backgrounds sacrificed a loaf of bread to help of which she did not want to accept but they insisted. And in all of this, she’s never once said that it has anything to do with her actions but it was all from the Almighty. Her humbleness, contentment and appreciation is beyond compare.

To my community. You have really taught me that a small group of thoughtful and committed individuals can change difficult circumstances for the better. I can not thank you all enough. There are no amount of words to express our gratitude in this world but always remember that you are in our prayers daily. We asked and you answered. You put hope back into our hearts and gave us something invaluable, our aunty. May Allah bless your homes. I am truly honoured to have been raised amongst such righteous individuals.

My family. I’ve truly been blessed with a wonderful family. I can always count on my family. Whether it was going off to university, having personal problems or just feeling low, my family always made sure I knew that they were there for me. Family has always been extremely important to me and always will be. It is nice knowing that no matter what, I always have my family to rely on. During this time and not restricted too, I’ve seen how my family came together as one and support one another. I love the relationship I have with my family and when I have my own children one day I will reassure them that they can always count on their family in any situation too, even if they are living a million miles away. I’ve learnt many great lessons but the one that stands out the most is that of charity.

Always remember that small acts when multiplied by many people can change the world. I am grateful that I had a chance to learn and hopefully carry on this key trait of genorosity and charity to my children. I’ve learnt that generosity has little to do with what is in your pocket and a lot more to do with what is in your heart.

May the Almighty make us of those who give freely for His pleasure only. Ameen.

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