World Hijab Day 2015

Hello everyone,

World Hijab Day is an annual event that takes place on the 1st of February. A day to celebrate a woman’s right to wear hijab. The idea behind World Hijab Day is to invite non-Muslim women and Muslim women who don’t normally wear the hijab to step into the shoes of a hijabi for one day.


It is meant to create understanding and awareness of what hijab is all about, the reasons Muslim women wear it and the fact that woman choose to wear. Most importantly that the hijab is not an indication that a woman is being oppressed by their brothers, fathers, uncles or husband’s but merely an act of obedience to their Lord.



Today I was invited to join my friend at breakfast with a few more ladies. We were a mix of Muslim and non Muslim South Africans who came together in support of WHD! Filled with a lot of emotion, my friend Roeshdia made a small speech and explained so beautifully that hijab is by no means an oppression or burden but merely an act of obedience. We all listened attentively as she spoke about hijab. We all received a gorgeous creamy pashmina to don for the day. We pitched in to help our non Muslim sisters style theirs hijabs for the day. They were all quite fascinated by the way it’s done. Its heart warming to have witnessed how eager they all were to join in.



I thought they all looked absolutely beautiful with the sweetest souls. I’m so grateful I had a chance to meet all them. May the Almighty reward us abundantly and keep us steadfast and bonded in support of woman’s rights and as sisters forever.


In that short space of time I truly felt proud to be a Muslimah. A special shout out to South Africa though! We really know how to come together as one. ONE NATION.

#ProudMuslimah #WorldHijabDay #SouthAfricans #United #WeKnowTheStruggle

I am so thankful to have been able to be apart of this initiative. It was worth hustling through Dubai’s early morning traffic.

I look forward to hearing your views, thoughts and opinions on WHD. Please let me know by commenting in the section below.


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