Guidelines For a New Hijabi 


I am super excited to announce that my friend Mishka and I have teamed up to do a collaboration for new hijabis. Together, we have come up with a guide which is meant to help new hijabis and help make things a little easier and provide some tips and tricks to help pave the way. It’s pretty simple so let’s get started! image

What you will need:


The most annoying thing is a scarf that keeps slipping off! The benefit of an underscarf is that it keeps your hair from constantly coming out and keeps your hijab secure.


This goes without saying of cause. You might already have gorgeous scarves you’ve purchased before, if not,  they aren’t difficult to find. You can purchase scarves from almost any clothing store. Find the shape, style, fit and feel you are comfortable with and go from there.


Pins are necessary for keeping your hijab in place and not moving all over the place. They are probably also going to be the items you misplace all the time so having a pin cushion or case is highly recommended to keep them safe and in sight!


This is obviously your personally preferance. My personal style changes all the time. It all depends on what you feel comfortable rocking! I would recommend a basic style for now.  Check out Mishkah Attempting To Be A Hijabi on YouTube for styling techniques, tips and tricks. She provides fun and easy ways to style your hijab while letting you in on her every day life and personal hijab journey.


Islam has no fixed standard as to the style of dress or type of clothing that Muslim women must wear. However, it should be loose enough so as not to outline the shape of the body and thick enough so that the colour of the skin it covers is not visible. You don’t have to chuck your current wardrobe away because there are so many ways to modify non-modest clothes so that they can become modest. A simple cardigan or long-sleeve t-shirt adds instant coverage to any sleeveless garment.


Above and beyond the above mentioned is the way you act. It’s not only about being covered up and modestly dressed but acting in a way that is true of a Muslim. You should be modest in behaviour, manners, speech and appearance. You are now an embassador of your faith.  Dress is only one aspect of the total being and should reflect the inside of a person’s heart.

On a lighter note, modest dress requirements are not meant to be restrictive at all and most Muslim women do not find it impractical. Many ladies continue with their daily activities on all levels and walks of life. So, it is not the end of the world! Also, keep in mind that I don’t always get it right. Just take it one day at a time.

So, Mashallah for making the intention to dress modestly and may the Almighty make this step easy for you and keep us all steadfast on this beautiful practice. I hope you found this helpful.

Peace. Love. Hijab. ✌❤🙆

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