A Trip To The Seaside

Hello again,

We decided to take a trip down to the beach. It wasn’t what I expected. There wasn’t nice fluffy white sand and a breathtaking horizon but it was definately worth the try.


Childhood memories of ice cream, sand castles, sun burn, family roap trips and the smell of kfc all came roaring back as I stood by the seaside and just because I’m grown up now doesn’t mean a day at the seaside is any less appealing.

However, I don’t really like the beach. I don’t like the sand. It’s coarse, it’s rough, it’s irritating, and it gets everywhere! As a child I know I loved  the beach, because being at the beach meant being able to swim in the ocean for hours, build sand castles, catch fish and have treasure hunts with my cousins! Now that I’m older, I no longer want to go swimming in the ocean, it is so cold and you get all sandy and stuff. I would much rather spend the day sitting on a chair underneath an umbrella, avoiding the water at all costs and soak up the sun.


We were unprepared for this trip, so we just sat along the pavement and watched people splash around in the water, children playing ball games with their parents and families all bunched up having their meals.

With all that being said, and of cause there is something positive about the beach. I find it so relaxing and entertaining just being able to fill my lungs with the sea air, lovely walks along the beach and watching the sunset. It’s so peaceful and tranquil and also a refreshing break from the my usual routine. Much needed excursion.


It’s so funny though because I still get met with horrific looks whenever I tell people I don’t like the beach because everyone is suppose to love the beach right? But I just love it for different reasons now and that’s ok.

Blogging as much as I can 😂

Me ✌




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