DIY: Fuller Lips


I absolutely love full lips. But… I am not lucky enough to have big luscious lips. So, like many other women, I improvise (without surgery, of cause) to create the appearance of fuller lips. This is a natural remedy which you can follow to enhance the beauty of your lips.



  • Bowl
  • Olive oil
  • Cinnamon
  • Toothbrush
  • Lip balm

METHOD (to the madness)

Add an equal amount of olive oil and cinnamon to a bowl, about a teaspoon of each is usually recommended. Mix this together with the toothbrush. That’s it!


This is real simple, with the same toothbrush start by gently scrubbing it in a circular motion on your lips for about one minute, be sure not to scrub too hard. This promotes blood flow, a little tingling sensation and swells the lips up. Rinse the serum off with water, dab lips lightly and apply your favourite lip balm. Gorgeous fuller lips in only a few minutes. The plumpiness should last for a few hours.

With this routine, full lips are just a few minutes away. so if you weren’t born with fuller lips or… you just want to give your pout a little extra something then this, my sisters in beauty and all things wonderful, is definitely the best way to make your lips look better without resorting to surgery.

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Rock out with your Pout out!

Blog you later…



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