Bad Habits Die Hard

Hello Darlings, Welcome to my blog

I didn’t do much today…. So, I thought I could do a list of bad habits girls have. Those girly habits that really annoy guys to a point that they want to strangle us until we stop, you know, but in an up beat fun kind of way. Enjoy…

We always put on a hijab or mascara with our mouths open.

We always have nothing to wear despite the fact that the hinges on our cupboard doors are screaching.

Our handbag will always be big enough to fit the great wall of China including everything else we never use but might think we will need.

We believe that having nothing to wear after trying 5 outfits means we need to go shopping ASAP.

We love wearing heels but there’s always a pair of pumps with us that we can actually walk in.

We might have the most radiant smiles but as soon as the camera points in our direction, we pout!

We will always over sleep even if the alarm is set.

We are never wrong. We wait for men to take initiative and apologise.

We hate the rain because it makes our hair frizz.

Instead of watching a movie quietly, we will ask a million questions.

When we are quiet it means we are angry. Most of the time.

We are always over packing even if it’s just a three day trip.

We always go to the toilet in groups because we love chatting so much.

And last but not least, and there’s probably a whole lot more…. When we look at ourselves in the mirror, we often think that it would be great to have a picture taken in that exact position.

I hope you found these facts about us quite funny and relatable. Our habits make us who we are, it helps shape our unique personality. Just have fun being a girl and don’t make excuses for it. I just absolutely love being a woman…

Feel free to share your own fun facts about women in the comment section below. You know I love hearing from you.

Strive for progression not perfection.

The end.


But first… ready, steady, pout, snap!

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