This year has started and YES! I am ready to get started with one of my new years resolutions! Saving money…

I’ve recently started a 30 day “save by the day” challenge that I thought of doing to make saving a lot more fun for myself. Because let’s face it, it’s a lot more fun SPENDING!

Basically, each day equals the amount you need to save. For example, day 1 equals one dirham and day two equals two dirhams and so on and so forth. It is pretty simple.

I found an empty jar, to keep my savings in, that I decorated with bits and pieces to give it a fun and funky feel. By the end of this challenge I should have 465AED, which isn’t too bad, multiply that by 12 months and hey! That’s a plane ticket to almost anywhere in the world!

If you really want to save money, you just need to be creative. Saving money doesn’t have to be a drag. There are plenty of fun ways to save money by creating challenges and getting your friends and family in on the fun!


So, if saving money is extremely difficult for you, like it is for me, then here is a simple and systematic way to stack your coins without feeling the pinch.

You can decide how you want to treat yourself at the end of each month, blow it all on a girls night out, romantic dinner, spoil your children to a fun day or just open a savings account and deposit and forget! Let it all accumulate for the ultimate experience!

Remember, the goal is to save money in a realistic way, through the ups and downs in our own lives. You don’t need to meet the goal every day, you just need to move forward all the time.

If you are reading this, TAG YOUR IT! Yes! That means you need to save! Take each month as it comes, you can even treat this as an opportunity to rid yourself of unwanted items in your closet and use that money to put in your jar! Just be creative!

Here’s to being frugal!

Blog you later…

7 thoughts on “FRUGALICIOUS

  1. Nawaal says:

    Salaam poppet , ok let me try this way , I wana see your jar at least 2 twice a month , I find it easy to do anything when someone else is also doing it , motivation .


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