What Travelling Has Taught Me – Dhillondeeds 

I am officially a globe trotter! Yes!

If anyone had to say that I would have my degree, get married, have two weddings and travel between 3 different countries in 2014 I would have laughed and said “wake up” 😂

As much as we plan, the Almighty has a better plan, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way 🙏

It is, still, ALL so surreal and I can’t believe what a wonderful year this has been🎉 I still pinch myself 🙈😂

My time in London was amazing and a dream come true, I made a friend, visited many places, took loads of photos, had a wedding, spent time with family, got back into shape but also ate good food! 👏

Amongst all of my many blessings, not excluding any, was being able to have my husband and my parents experience this incredible city with me💋

Travelling makes you realise what a newbie you are in life😂 if you think you know it all, GO TRAVEL 😜 there are so many things to learn and here are a few of my personal lessons:

  1. You can make friends anywhere👭
  2. You can meet unforgettable people👪
  3.  You learn to enjoy public transport🚖
  4. You start to enjoy walking🚶
  5. You find yourself trying new things🎹
  6.  You find the value in getting lost🙈 
  7. You are forced out of your comfort zone🙊
  8. You will cry and laugh😭😜
  9. You will learn to forget the plan 👍
  10. You become more confident👏
  11. You learn new cultures🙏
  12. You try new cuisine🍱 
  13. but most of all… You learn that you’ll be better at travelling next time😂💃✈️

🎶because in the end it doesn’t really matter🎶

I’ve landed in the UAE and this isn’t my last stop but it is home for the next few months. I am so happy to be reunited and living under the same roof as my hubby😍 missed him so much! ❤️

I am so grateful that it’s winter because I just can’t deal with summer in Dubai😂🌞

Looking forward to walks on the beach☀️🌊👫

Until next time….

wherever you go, go with all your heart ❤️

Tease, Taste, Travel


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