Oh dear! Today! 😂😄 where do I begin???💭💭 omw, okay, so, on my travels today I was just thinking “why am I awake? It’s early man!” 😂 it’s ice cold outside!!🏃 Just kidding! But it was very cold brrrrr❄️⛄️

🎶do you wanna build a snowman🎶

Anyway, with this being said, a journey that lead me to a very very very old fashioned lift!!! Like for REAL!! Like 50s old, I think 💭 With the doors, gates, wooden floors, unstable and ALL!!! You know those ones??? 🙈 I couldn’t even! 😂 I was like “omg, omg, omg” all the way up! And this all ended with a massive THUMP! And I was there trying to maintain my balance and like🙈 whoa! am I alive?🙉 😄 yes I am🙏🙊 yes I am!

But this most mesmerising trip lead me up to a volunteer centre where I intend to do some good work for the community 😊 because we all need to give back 💁🙏 and… when I got to the top floor I realised that there were stairs all along😂 😭not that the stairs were any less frightening tho😂 but a special thanks for the thought of putting up a sign👍 😄 anyway…I took the STAIRS when I left!😜👏 but you probably guessed that🙅💁

I just couldn’t….. 😂🙈

Today, I woke up and thanked the Almighty for another unpromised day 🙏 I attended a volunteer workshop, I managed too miss my bus…..TWICE 😂👎, met someone who thought I was German🙊😁 how cool is that! walked in the rain, think my umbrella needs replacement💭☔️ ate less than 1000 calories🍴worked out at the gym💪drank 2 litres of water, cried because I miss my granny😭 my heart was broken by loved ones💔 so I sang Michael Jackson and Celine Dion songs really loud 🎤🎶 not that I’m any good 😜🙉 but that makes me feel better✌️ I did not take a single selfie!!! 😝😂 yes! It’s the truth! Try that one! 😂

Lessons I learnt today:

•Speak for yourself🙊
•No such thing as silly questions 👌
•It’s ok not to know 🙉
•There’s nothing wrong with being angry, it’s what you do with that anger
•All opinions are equally important👍
•If someone breaks your heart just punch them, seriously just punch them (in your mind) and then go for ice-cream 😂👍
•Be trustworthy because there aren’t many people left with this quality 💔
•HAVE FUN 💃🎶 always
•Laughing it off keeps you sane😂
•And just let it go 🎶

Life has it’s upside and downside. It’s important to acknowledge the best of your day and the worst parts too. Reflect continuously. Every moment is a memory and every memory is a lesson to me, taking something from everything and giving back is everything to me ❤️

And I didn’t punch anyone 😂😄 just to clarify…. 😜😄😂

I am who I am, I am not perfect but neither are you, I am human and I make mistakes, I can laugh it off, admit when I’m wrong, smile when I am happy, cry when I am sad, yell when I am mad, and I might be a very hard person to understand and love, but know this… When I love, I really love hard ❤️

Think about what you want and choose what’s best for you…💋

Always Real 😜
Keep it Real✌️

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