Days of Me

Close your eyes…
Breathe in deep…
Can you smell that?

Fallen leaves… Crisp breeze… Autumn in the air 🍂 everyone should take the time to watch the leaves turn. There is no season more beautiful to me than autumn.

That weather for cosy hoodies, hot chocolate, boots (preferably uggs) 😋 jeans or tracks and cuddlings:) but I’m missing out on that 😭 hubby’s away 🙈 so I’m depending on my pillows to step in 😜

Light breeze, colourful leaves, bare trees… I’ve never experience such a movie like autumn before🍂🙏

Every part of the globe brings something new to admire, adore and appreciate👏…

Travelling has brought me to the realisation that life is made up of recognising beautiful moments in an imperfect world ❤️

So where ever you may find yourself, remember that time is free! Use it! Collect memories, capture moments and enjoy life 👌

It’s now or never peeps 😜


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