Fit Notes

Finally back at gym, after a long long time! And not a minute later!

So, today I decided to be brave and courageous not wanting to do the plain old boring 20 minute run on the treadmill as a warm up👎 so I thought “today is a great day to learn something new”

I…. joined one of the spin classes!🙊 which is usually an intense 45 minute workout and to cut a short story really short, I only latest 20 minutes anyway😂 I did however sign up for the beginners class because clearly that’s where I belong 😜 not knowing that during all that time I was in an advanced training session 😄 live and learn I say! Because after all the expert was once a beginner 😎 right? Yes!

If you don’t already know, a spinning workout is just the most enjoyable workout where you have loads of fun socialising while burning calories on a bike and to top it all off there’s great music which makes the class so much more entertaining 🎶🎵 you know me, I like myself a good Jam! 🎶🎵💃 but most importantly like other exercises it helps relieve everyday stressors and makes you feel good:) and who doesn’t like a little bit of “feel good”

Today, I learnt to move out of my own comfort zone 😱 and try something new. And it wasn’t bad! And I do believe that growth certainly comes from those awkward and uncomfortable every day life experiences.

I am hoping to achieve a sense of accomplishment, fitness and overall well being over the next few weeks❤️

Let’s just keep challenging ourselves.

I do expect to do a lot better at my next session, but for now… I’m just going to lay back and enjoy the excruciating pain I’m in 😄😜 just kidding! I stretched!

To all the future spinners out there,
Here’s to spinning!



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